27 Sep 2010

CHS Senior Zachary Freeman Elected Treasurer to Mayorí´s Youth Advisory Council

Catholic High Senior Zachary Freeman has been elected Treasurer to the Mayorí´s Youth Advisory Council.  Freeman is one of two students from Catholic High nominated as a junior to serve on the MYAC.  Two students from every school (public, private and parochial) in East Baton Rouge Parish are nominated by school administrators at the beginning of their junior year. 

Students are nominated based on the leadership in their school and community.  MYAC gives students, who already possess leadership skills, an opportunity to further develop into future leaders in the community.  As a representative of MYAC, students meet with public officials, including the mayor, sheriff, district attorney and BREC.  Students have the opportunity to have their voices heard by public officials and to give insight into how young people view public policies. 
íÍWe have counted on Zachary for two years now with MYAC.  You can always count on him to be in attendance and available when you need him.  I am very excited to see him take this leadership role,íñ commented Roxson Welch, education outreach coordinator for Mayor-President Melvin íÍKipíñ Holden. 

In addition to meeting twice a month, MYAC representatives also volunteer in the community in assisted living facilities and veteraní´s homes.