01 Feb 2006

CHS Soccer Team Rebound With Win Against Dutchtown

The Soccer team bounced back from a tough 1-0 loss to Dutchtown on Saturday with a well played 3-2 victory over St. Amant last night. The win, which puts the Bears’ district record at 6-3, guarantees the team a play-off birth.

In the first half of the game, Coach Landry made an important tactical decision to move offensively against the wind. The strategy paid off and produced three goals, the last one coming just before the half ended. Jeff Anderson (Jr.), Kyle Robert (Sr.), and Allen Beal (Jr.) accounted for the goals. Rusty Sanchez (Sr.) and Kyle Pfefferle (Sr.) anchored the defense in the second half and preserved the victory for the team.

The toughness of the team showed in the physical contest. Kirt Pfefferle (Sr.) played through a nagging ankle injury, and goalie Brandon Gwin (Sr.) broke his finger in the first half. Gwin played the rest of the game with the injury and made key saves in the second half.

Up next for the Bears, a crucial match with Baton Rouge High. The winner will secure a second place finish in district and a higher play-off seeding. The contest will take place at 1:00 on Saturday at the Burbank Soccer Complex.