19 Aug 2007

CHS Student Council Hosts Bear Camp for Incoming Students

The CHS Student Council hosted its annual Bear Camp on Sunday, August 19, 2007 from 4 p.m. ‘ 6 p.m. on the CHS campus. Bear Camp is an afternoon dedicated to welcoming 8th and 9th grade students into the CHS student body.

Approximately 180 new students spent the afternoon learning cheers for games, the CHS fight song and the Alma Mater. In addition to playing a variety of relay-type games, the students also heard from representatives of each extracurricular.

‘My favorite part of Bear Camp was learning the St. Amant dance. During the day, I learned that we have good cheerleaders; a good band, which I am a member; and good school pride. It opened up lots of opportunities and showed us where to get started by seeing the different clubs at CHS,’ commented Michael Crapenzano ’11.