23 Feb 2016

CHS Students Compete in LA High School Technology Challenge

CHS students tied for 7th place in the 10th annual Louisiana High School Technology Challenge.  In this competition, students used technology to complete various tasks, such as an Internet Scavenger Hunt, solving issues in society through the use of technology and researching the causes of recent global events.  Projects place heavy emphasis on creativity and teamwork. 

The competition involved creating three projects and a completing a scavenger hunt in four hours.  Students immediately formed groups and focused on their assignments.  íÍI enjoyed all the energy and being on a team that was all working on the same task.  I learned a lot about space that I wouldn’t have been able on research on my own,íñ said Jeffrey Kelley í´16

Team members participating in the Challenge were Andre Aguillard, Anthony Bueche, Brennan Burke, Collin DeVillier, Andrew Ford, Christian Gendron, Kelly, Michael Krzystowczyk, Patrick Landry, Brian Long, Brian Manthei, Nicholas Mueller, Andrew Schoonmaker, Joseph Sotile and Josh Worley.