07 May 2009

CHS Students Earn Eagle Scout

Eighteen Catholic High students have spent approximately six years working towards the distinction of being named Eagle Scouts. Beginning at the age of 11, the Boy Scouts began working on the 21 merit badges needed to qualify in addition to the service project for a non-profit organization in order to become Eagle Scouts by the age of 18.

Earning Eagle Scout rank is Nicholas LeSage, Troop 322; Justin Kennedy, Troop 14; David Attenhofer, Troop 229; Frank Turk, Troop 14; Brandon Higginbotham, Troop 322; Kevin Ward, Troop 322; Matthew Lafleur, Troop 12; Spencer Billings, Troop 103; Steven Bosworth, Troop 490; Benjamin Guarisco, Troop 490; and Matthew Conger, Troop 888.

In the final stages of the process of earning Eagle Scout is Michael Constant, Troop 229; David Kovich, Troop 14; Nicholas Magazine, Troop 229; Magnus Lam, Troop 136; Peter Sicard, Troop 103; Haggai Davis III, Troop 103; and James Patterson, Troop 490.