09 May 2019

CHS Students Participate In STEM Discovery Challenge

Five Catholic High students spent the day last Saturday at the STEM-Discovery, an engineering challenge sponsored by Louisiana Tech. This session focused on mechanical engineering, electronics and programming. Students were provided with materials to create a joystick and a remote control car. They assembled the steering mechanism and the gear boxes to maximize speed to the wheels, wired up the joystick and the car, and then programmed the car to receive instructions from the joystick. The final challenge was to configure Bluetooth transmitters and receivers to communicate with each other. Catholic High was the first school to successfully accomplish each of the challenges as well as having the sturdiest car during the race.

Participating Students:

Kevin Oubre (Senior)

Josh Harold (Junior)

Christian Thompson (Sophomore)

Gavin Schwartz (Freshman)

Daniel Waguespack (Freshman)

For more information on STEM Discovery, click here.