30 Apr 2015

CHS Students Raise Money for Mission Amatongas in Mozambique

The students in Ms. Deckí´s 5th period class presented a check for $13,723 to Brother Chris Sweeney, SC in Mozambique via Skype on Thursday, April 30. The money will go to support the Brothers of the Sacred Heart and their Mission Amatongas.

The Brothers of the Sacred Heart sent four Brothers to rebuild a school in Amatongas, Mozambique which is located in the central part of Mozambique. The school has a population of about 800 students with 40 boarders. Mozambique is still recovering from a 14 year Civil War which ended in 1992 and the school was devastated during the war.

The goal for Ms. Deckí´s 5th period class was to raise $6,000; enough to provide new bunk beds for the students in Mozambique. Anything over that amount would go toward the students of Amatongasí´ education. íÍHelping the Brothers of the Sacred Heart school in Amatongas was a truly great experience for me. It showed me that not everyone has as much as I do and that I should give back to those people as much as I can,íñ commented junior Matt Miyagi.

The classí´s medium to raise the money was a school wide event, íÍWeek for Mozambique.íñ CHS students, faculty and staff were allowed to participate by donating $20 for a week of relaxed dress and an additional $10 for a week of not shaving. To conclude the weekí´s experience, students had the opportunity to purchase a Mozambique-style meal in the cafeteria on Thursday consisting of beans, grits and greens.  All were encouraged to begin a fast following Thursdayí´s lunch that concluded at lunch on Friday.  The elements of solidarity and sacrifice were for developing compassion for the students at Mission Amatongas.  

To read more about the Mission Amatongas and to stay updated with the progress of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart in Mozambique, click here.

UPDATE 05/12/15

Ms. Deck’s class was featured on 2uneIn with WBRZ Channel 2 News on May 12, 2015. Click here to read more about the interview.

Week for Mozambique from Catholic High School on Vimeo.