09 Jul 2012

CHS Students Serve in Klagetoh, Arizona

This June 9-16, three CHS juniors, five CHS seniors and four SJA girls went to St. Anneí´s Mission on the Navajo reservation in Klagetoh, Arizona. The mission is run by the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, and the students participating gave a week of their summer to spend time with the children on the reservation.

The students orchestrated a vacation Bible school for the children of the area. The Bible school included music, scripture lessons, games and arts and crafts. In their free time in the evenings after Bible school, CHS and SJA students went hiking in Canyon de Chelly National Park, played BINGO at the local nursing home, learned local traditional native dances and assisted a Family Fun Night for children and parents.

Although this was a week of service for those attending, the boys found that as they gave, they also received. íÍWhile we were sent to go help the Navajo people, the Navajo people ended up helping us understand what true joy and family relationships are all about,íñ reflected Thomas Karam.

Many students enjoyed the experience so much that they plan on attending the mission even after graduating from CHS. íÍIt was truly an eye-opening experienceíŠ to watch the children play and laugh as if nothing was wrong in the world was amazing,íñ said Conner Caffarel.  íÍI caní´t wait to hopefully return to the mission as a graduate.íñ