14 Sep 2014

CHS Swim Team Gets Fourth Consecutive Victory in McGill-Toolen Splashin’ Dash

The CHS swim team moved to 2-0 this weekend with a fourth consecutive victory in the McGill-Toolen Splashin’ Dash in Mobile, Alabama. The Bears finished in first place with 419. 
Relays in the Top 12: 

200 Medley Relay
3rd Place- “A” Relay Connor Futch, Jonathan Mckeough, Braden Nyboer, Nick Romero
5th Place- “B” Relay Davis Bourg, Andrew Ford, Jacob Leger, Duffy Duncan

200 Free
1st place- Colin Bone 
4th place- Lance Michael Rodriguez 
5th place- Will de la Bretonne
12th place- Sam Gianfala

200 IM
3rd place- Connor Futch
4th place- Braden Nyboer
5th place- Jonathan Mckeough
12th place- Connor Waits

50 Free
1st place- Brady Grenfell
4th place- Tico Plater
6th place- Carter Richard
7th place- Chase Brouillette

100 Fly
5th place- Jackson Marcin
6th place- Will de la Bretonne
9th place- Matt Comeaux
11th place- Brennan Burke

100 Free
1st place- Brady Grenfell
3rd place- Nick Romero
9th place- Tico Plater
10th place- Carter Richard

500 Free
1st place- Colin Bone
3rd place- Braden Nyboer
5th place- Lance Michael Rodriguez
8th place- Sion Cavana

200 Free Relay
1st place- Brady Grenfell, Nick Romero, Lance Michael Rodriguez, Colin Bone
5th place- Alex Landry, Blake Pizzolato, Sam Barton, Duffy Duncan

100 Back
3rd place- Connor Futch
7th place- Matt Comeaux
9th place- Sion Cavana
11th place- Grant Dawson

100 Breast
3rd place- Jonathan McKeough
6th place- Nick Romero
7th place- Chase Brouillette
11th place- Jack Lopoo

400 Free Relay
1st place “A” Relay-Braden Nyboer, Lance Michael Rodriguez, Colin Bone, Brady Grenfell
5th place- “B” Relay- Will de la Bretonne, Alex Landry, Tico Plater, Carter Richard 
The next meet for the CHS Swim Team is this Saturday, Sept. 27 at 11:45 a.m. located at Crawfish Aquatics.