28 Sep 2014

CHS Swim Team Takes Home Another Victory

The CHS swim team moved its record to 3-0 on the season with a dominant victory last Saturday at Crawfish Aquatics. The team missed a perfect score by just 21 points. The final scores were:

1. Catholic High School 643
2. Lutcher High School 390
3. Zachary High School 348
4. St. James High School 76
5. St. Thomas Aquinas High School 45

Click here to see the full results. 

Individuals/Relays in the top 4:

200 Medley Relay
1st place- Connor Futch, Jonathan Mckeough, Brennan Burke, Bourg
2nd place- Grant Dawson, Jack Lopoo, Will de la Bretonne, Alex Landry
3rd place- Matt Comeaux, Chase Brouillette, Jackson Marcin, Duffy Duncan

200 Free
1st place- Braden Nyboer
2nd place- Nick Romero
3rd place- Sion Cavana
4th place- Sam Gianfala

200 IM
1st place- Connor Futch
2nd place- Jonathan Mckeough
4th place- Connor Waits

50 Free
1st place- Brady Grenfell
2nd place- Nick Seagraves

100 Fly
1st place- Brady Grenfell
2nd place- Colin Bone
3rd place- Matt Comeaux
4th place- Braden Nyboer

100 Free
2nd place- Jonathan Mckeough
3rd place- Will de la Bretonne
4th place- Carter Richard

500 Free
1st place- Lance Michael Rodriguez
2nd place- Will de la Bretonne
3rd place- Sam Gianfala

200 Free Relay
1st place- Brady Grenfell, Tico Plater, Chase Brouillette, Jacob Leger
2nd place- Nick Seagraves, Nick Romero, Connor Futch, Blake Pizzolato
3rd place- Colin Bone, Braden Nyboer, Carter Richard, Matt Miyagi

100 Back
1st place- Connor Futch
2nd place- Nick Seagraves
3rd place- Matt Comeaux
4th place- Grant Dawson

100 Breast
1st place- Chase Brouillette
2nd place- Jack Lopoo

400 Free Relay
1st place- Nick Seagraves, Lance Michael Rodriguez, Connor Waits, Stephen Bienvenu
2nd place- Brady Grenfell, Sion Cavana, Sam Gianfala, Jeremy Sapia
3rd place- Colin Bone, Will de la Bretonne, Brendan Hardin, Sam Barton