15 Apr 2013

CHS Tennis Teams Defeat Zachary and Baton Rouge High

CHS tennis teams defeated Baton Rouge High and Zachary on Monday, April 15.

The CHS íÍAíñ Tennis team shut out Baton Rouge High 5-0. The Bears were led by singles victories from  Pierce Hill and Chris Spedale and doubles victories from Conner Kurzweg with Carson Day,  Reed Holdridge with Carter Lundin and Matt Greene with  Peyton Stuart.

The CHS íÍBíñ Tennis team defeated Zachary 4-1. The Bears were led by singles victories from Alex Klement and Clayton Kershaw and doubles victories by Grayson Hunt with Parker Hunt and Paul Lewis with  Preston Gautreau.

The CHS tennis teams will host the regional tournament at Highland Road Park next Thursday and Friday, April 25 and 26. More details of the regional tournament will be announced when they are available.