27 Apr 2015

CHS Wins 2015 Weightlifting Title

The CHS Weightlifting Team won the schoolí´s 17th State Title since 1989. The Bears had six individual State Champions and all team members scored to give the Team a 107 point total to far outdistance runner-up South Beauregard. In addition, senior Uriah Alexander was named the meetí´s Outstanding Lifter.

Individual Results:

47 kg, Caleb Sanders, 148 lbs, 1st

56 kg, Marlon Coates, 207 Lbs, 3rd

62 kg, Sheldon Dyer, 225 lbs, 1st

69 kg, Jonathan Bernard, 326 lbs, 1st

69 kg, Parker Fontenot, 297 lbs, 2nd

77 kg, John Eric Ginn, 363 lbs, 1st

85 kg, Blair Bogan, 419 lbs, 2nd

85 kg, Denver Dennison, 392 lbs, 5th

94 kg, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, 440 Lbs, 2nd

105 kg, Uriah Alexander, 532 lbs, 1st

105+ kg, K.J. Wilson, 466 lbs, 1st