Drake Brignac ‘18 & Paul Cassisa ‘18
25 Oct 2018

Congratulations, Senators!

CHS alumni, Drake Brignac ’18 and Paul Cassisa ’18, were elected by more than 5,800 freshman at Louisiana State University to represent them in the LSU Student Senate as UCFY Senators.

Student Government Senate members are not only an advocate for student needs, but also actively work to develop policies with university officials. Administrators and Student Government members meet regularly to work on new initiatives and policies which impact the lives of students across campus.

Along with being the voice of the student body, Student Government manages student and state funding to support other student organizations, initiatives, programming and events.

Student Government makes it a top priority to be involved in every aspect of student and campus life at Louisiana State University.

(l to r) Christina Black (student senate speaker), Paul Cassisa ’18, Drake Brignac ’18 and Sarah Perkins (Student Senate Speaker Pro Tempore)