Mu Alpha Theta @Episcopal Tournament
12 Nov 2018

Congratulations to Mu Alpha Theta on an Outstanding Performance on Saturday, November 10

Congratulations to Mu Alpha Theta for taking first place at the Episcopal High School tournament on Saturday, November 10.

Students placing in individual events:

Algebra 1:
– Carter Mayeux, 1st place
– Kyle Oubre, Honorable Mention

Algebra 2:
– Benjamin Mayeux, 1st place
– Jonathan Beale, Honorable Mention

– Jackson Robb, 4th place
– Lucas Gawarecki, Honorable Mention
– Carter Mims, Honorable Mention

– Daniel Barfield, 1st place
– Christian Thompson, 3rd place
– Nicholas Fanguy, 4th place
– Joshua Langlois, Honorable Mention

– Broderick Wong, 3rd place
– Jack Fuselier, 4th place
– Kyle Becnel, Honorable Mention
– Hunter Doiron, Honorable Mention

Students placing in team events:

Middle School Team:
– Carter Mayeux and Kyle Oubre, 1st place

Comp Math 1 Team:
– Lucas Gawarecki, Patrick Gordon, Carter Mims, and Jackson Robb, 1st place

Algebra 2 Ciphering:
– Jonathan Beale, Andrew Gunnels, Benjamin Mayeux, and Jacob Nguyen, 3rd place

Precalculus Ciphering:
– Daniel Barfield, Collin Casseri, Nicholas Fanguy, and Elliot Fontenot, 1st place

Calculus Ciphering:
– Kyle Becnel, Hunter Doiron, Jack Fuselier, and Nicholas Robert, 1st place

Potpourri Team:
– Joshua Langlois, Micah LeGrange, Daylen Morris, and Christian Thompson, Honorable Mention

Catholic High’s underclassmen also took second place on the interschool test.