Congratulations Choir
19 Mar 2019

Congratulations to the CHS/SJA choirs for their outstanding performances at the Choir Assessment Festival last week.

All four choirs received Sweepstakes trophies for their performances on stage and for their exemplary sight reading abilities. Each choir scored straight ones across the board and received beautiful and raving comments from all six festival judges. Audience members were blown away and several other choirs stayed or arrived early just to hear the CHS/SJA choirs perform.

Congratulations to the talented young men and women who are members of the CHS/SJA choirs.

  • CHS/SJA Beginning Mixed Choir  (3rd hour and 6th hour Mixed)
  • SJA Singers (5th and 6th hour girls)
  • CHS Men’s Choir (5th and 6th hour boys)
  • CHS/SJA Chamber Singers (5th hour Mixed)