01 May 2018

Emily Terracina To Retire After 43 Years Of Service

“I’m just a plain old meat and potatoes classroom teacher. That’s all I ever was and that’s all I ever aspired to be.” That’s how longtime CHS teacher Emily Terracina summed up her 43-year career at Catholic High School. Terracina, who recently announced her retirement, began teaching at CHS in the fall of 1975. “When I first started at Catholic, there were very few female teachers. I really didn’t know what to expect,” explained Terracina. Any fears she may have had were quickly alleviated when she began working with the Brothers. “My first classroom was right across the hall from Brother Eldon who was the disciplinarian at the time. He would look out for me and was really there for me.” Some 40 plus years later, she is still grateful. “One of the really remarkable things here to me through the years is how the Brothers have embraced the lay faculty and staff in carrying out their mission. I have felt so blessed and privileged.”

With a background in English and business management, Terracina began her career teaching a variety of courses. “When I first started teaching, I taught English, typing and management,” said Terracina. Through the years, she added computer literacy, word processing, finance and accounting to her repertoire. While she has enjoyed teaching all the subjects, accounting was her favorite. “I loved teaching accounting, that was my favorite thing to teach.” Proof of that can be found in the number of former students who are now Certified Public Accountants (CPA). The impact she had on these young men went far beyond the classroom. This was recently echoed when the Louisiana Society of CPAs honored Terracina with its annual achievement award. Given to an individual for his or her outstanding service to the accounting profession, Terracina was just the 11th non-CPA and first high school teacher to receive this award. “It was such a surprise, I was so honored,” noted Terracina.

Even though she is leaving the classroom, she has no plans to completely leave CHS behind. “I love working with our graduates. Perhaps I can volunteer in the alumni office,” said Terracina. “I have also reached out to the admissions office to help.” In addition to staying connected to CHS, Terracina plans to get involved in her church parish too.

Please help us honor the dedication and service Mrs. Terracina has given to Catholic High School at a retirement party on Tuesday, May 22 at 4:00 p.m. All past and present students, colleagues, friends and family are invited to attend.

Emily Terracina Retirement Party
Tuesday, May 22, 2018

4:00 to 6:00 p.m.
CHS Union