18 Mar 2013

Faculty and Staff Participate in CHS Day of Experience

The CHS faculty and staff participated in their annual Day of Experience on Friday, March 15. This year, the theme was íÍA call to family, community and a common good,íñ and the goal of the Day of Experience was to connect closer to the Baton Rouge community.

The faculty and staff met at the Catholic Life Center on Friday morning to begin the day with a communal prayer service. After the prayer service, the faculty and staff were divided into groups of four, and each team had to plan their own day, focusing on local things to do in Baton Rouge.

To begin the day, each group was asked to interview someone in Baton Rouge who either owns a local business or serves in a religious or public ministry. After the interview, groups ate lunch at local restaurants or cooked meals incorporating local ingredients. To finish the day, the teams did a fun activity of their choosing in the Baton Rouge area, such as going to a museum or walking in the park or on the levee.