03 Feb 2014

FCA Holds 11th Annual Super Bowl Party

The CHS Fellowship of Christian Athletes held their 11th Annual Super Bowl potluck party on Sunday, February 2 in the CHS gym.

Fifty two FCA members enjoyed a pre-Super Bowl meal with items contributed by each member. Attendees watched the game and participated in a Football Board competition, in which Brett Vidrine and Will Benoit both won $25 gift card to Outback. At half time, the group watched a special presentation from Sports Spectrum entitled íÍPower to Win,íñ which features a player from the NFL who has devoted his life to Christ and challenges viewers to do the same.

íÍItí´s a special way to blend the excitement of the Super Bowl with priority number one- living for God,íñ commented CHS Head Football Coach Dale Weiner. 

The FCA Super Bowl party originally began in 2003 and was hosted at Coach Weinerí´s house. However, as the club grew, the event was moved to the CHS gym with a projector and screen to show the game.