15 Sep 2013

Forty Members of the CHS/SJA Choir Selected to District Honor Choir

Forty members of the CHS/SJA Choir were selected from the 1st Round All-State Choir auditions this past Saturday to form the District IV Honor Choir.  This is one-half of the 80 total members selected in this first step in a two round audition process for the Louisiana All-State Honor Choir.

“This is such an accomplishment for our students and the choir programs at both schools. As their director, I am extremely proud of their accomplishments,” commented CHS Chorus Director Steve Galliano.
These 40 students will now rehearse two nights a week for the next two weeks in preparation of the District Honor Choir concert to be held on October 6 at First Baptist Church in downtown Baton Rouge.

As well as the above accomplishments, 20 of our students were selected to continue on to the 2nd round All-State Choir auditions in Lafayette on October 12.  Forty students from our district are selected and again, CHS and SJA put half of these 40 into the 2nd round process.
The most students from any other school in our district who were selected to the District Honor Choir is 15 from Baton Rouge High School. 

The following students were selected to the 2nd round all-state audition process and were also selected to the District Honor Choir.  They are the top five selected in their voice part from the auditions.
Tenor 2
Anderson, Ben
Chastain, James
Miyagi, Matt
Crapanzano, Matthew

Facundus, Christian
Aguillard, David
Huff, Kasey
DeVillier, Gaven

Rothermel, Grant
Wroten, David
Lovretich, Sam
Lovretich, Max

District Honor Choir members:
The above students listed and the ones listed below:
Tenor I
Layman, Ryan
Toups, Ben
Reese, Ryan

Tenor 2
Alexander, Ethan
Balhoff, Timothy
Dupuy, Kevin

Young, Andrew
Hirsch, Jon David
Burke, Brennan
Winder, Parkes
Gudiel, Erik

Burns, Chadd
Koch, Keaton