25 Jan 2009

Four Catholic High Students Attend Inauguration

Four Catholic High students had the opportunity to attend the Inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States.

Freshman Bryston Marshall
‘When Obama started speaking there was no other sound. It even seemed like the weather stopped to listen. I wasn’t aware that I was cold.’

Senior Craig Young
‘It was truly a life-changing experience that taught me more about my history and the history of my country.’

Sophomore John Abrams
"It was cold; it was crowded; but it was all worth it. History was made and I was a part of it.’

Senior Matt Lafleur
‘My experience at the Inauguration was one of considerable significance. The magnitude of excitement and unity exhibited through millions of citizens is incomparable to anything I have ever seen. I will never forget my time during that week.’