10 Aug 2014

Four CHS Students and Three Alumni Attend National Junior Classical League Convention

Four CHS students and three alumni attended the National Junior Classical League Convention held at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, this past July. Catholic High students in attendance were senior and Louisiana JCL President Drew Alvarez, senior and CHS JCL President Gaven DeVillier, senior and Louisiana JCL First Vice-President Connor Doucet, and senior and Louisiana JCL Historian Joey Balhoff. They joined a delegation of 33 students and teachers from high schools across Louisiana, including St. Josephí´s, Runnels, Baton Rouge High, Denham Springs, Mount Carmel, and LSMSA. The four CHS students were among over 1,800 delegates in attendance.

CHS alumni Joey Chatelain and Kurt Ristroph, both former CHS JCL Presidents, as well as former CHS JCL member Gerard Fontenelle attended the convention as members of the Senior Classical League, the collegiate equivalent to the JCL. 

The students earned awards in a variety of individual contests. Balhoffí´s state t-shirt placed first overall, and he won fifth, sixth and tenth in the cartoon, ink and sight reading competitions. DeVillier participated with delegates from Indiana to form a team for the Ultimate Frisbee competition dubbed íÍLouindiana,íñ which finished fourth. Alvarez took seventh place in the sight reading competition and the state newsletter he wrote during his term as State Editor finished seventh in the state publications contest. Doucet served as a voting delegate and helped to represent Louisiana JCL in the election process. Louisiana also won its division in the spirit competition, a major contest for JCL, on two of the four days of the convention.

Chatelain helped to write skits for and act in Thatí´s Entertainment, the conventioní´s annual talent show. Ristroph also acted in the skits and Fontenelle provided voice narration for the evening. Ristroph served as the National Senior Classical League Vice-President and was elected National President for the 2014-2015 school year.

Catholic Highí´s four delegates mark an increase from the 2013 convention last year, which two CHS students attended. All four were excited to attend and enjoyed the week of competing, making new friends, and celebrating the Classics on the national level.