17 Aug 2015

Four Inducted into the CHS Grizzly Greats Athletic Hall of Fame

Three Catholic High alumni and one long-time Catholic High coach were inducted into the CHS Grizzly Greats Athletic Hall of Fame at a banquet held on August 14, 2015, at Drusilla Place Catering. Those inducted were Dale Weiner; Leo Abel, CHS Class of 1989; Tim Lanier, CHS Class of 1992; and Alex Knight, CHS Class of 2001.

The induction ceremony was led by Matt Moscona í´00 and each inductee was recognized for his outstanding leadership and service to CHS athletics.

The CHS Grizzly Greats Hall of Fame honors any person who has demonstrated outstanding dedication to the athletic program, selfless sacrifice of time and effort, leadership and whose actions portray characteristics which further the mission of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart and whose life and accomplishments can be an inspiration to the athletes of Catholic High.