19 May 2014

Freshman Byrne Kennedy Participates in “Trail of Honor”

CHS Freshman Byrne Kennedy participated in the “Trail of Honor” this past weekend.  The Trail of Honor is an annual event, which leads up to Memorial Day, that is held in Jackson, Mississippi.  It is a living memorial to all servicemen and servicewomen who have fought for the United States in all wars (past and present).  Each year for the last eight years, Byrne has been personally invited to attend and participate in the event. 

Byrne is a member of the 1st Louisiana Cavalry which is a Civil War Cavalry re-enactors’ group which participates in the event.  Additionally, he has been honored to take part in a funeral procession for all the fallen warriors. In the procession, he is the drummer, dressed in full Civil War era uniform and accessories, and sets the pace for the procession march. It is a very moving and touching experience for all who watch the procession.  Following the procession, Byrne helps his great uncle and grandfather teach about the cavalry in the Civil War, both United States and Confederate States. He also takes part in two small battles during the day to show what the soldiers may have had to go through during the Civil War.