15 Nov 2012

Garrett DuBois ’01 Visits CHS Civics Classes

Garrett DuBois í´01, former Marine and current Secret Service, spoke to Civics classes on Thursday.  DuBois spoke to the class regarding his position with the Secret Service and how it relates to the U.S. Constitution, a topic the classes have been discussing. 

In 2007, DuBois spent a year in Iraq in the same unit as eight other Catholic High graduates.  He assisted with the CHS Wrestling team from 2001-2010.

íÍI believe it is our duty to give back to something that has given so much to you.  I always tried to teach that to our wrestling team.  It is always enjoyable to come back and educate current students,íñ commented DuBois.

íÍIt was really cool to know that there are people like this that come to see us.  It was cool that someone from Catholic High actually made it to be a secret service agent and that people from CHS accomplish a lot,íñ commented Ben Hackney í´16.