The 1894 Minute Challenge

You did it!


Thank you to all of our students, parents, alumni and friends who came together to make CHS’s second annual 1894 Minute Challenge giving event a huge success!  Your response was overwhelming. We nearly doubled the number of donors over last year’s total of 498 to 929, totaling $88,115 in gifts! Your support will provide enhancements to the CHS experience and will help to continue Defining the Difference for every student.

Thank you for accepting the 1894 Minute Challenge and for your ongoing support of Catholic High School.

If you were unable to make a gift during the 1894 Minute Challenge, but would still like to support The Fund For Catholic High School, you can do so by clicking here.


Anonymous (7)
Mr. Cody L. Acosta ’22
Mr. Grant E. Adams ’19
Mr. Ebenezer R. Aggrey ’20
Mr. and Mrs. R. Matthew Aicklen ’97
Mr. Addison O. Ainsworth ’21
Capt. and Mrs. Michael D. Alch ’04
Reverend Michael J. Alello ’98
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Alexander ’88
Mr. Joseph C. Alexander ’20
Mr. Payton M. Alexander ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph F. Alexander
Mr. Stephen Alexander and Ms. Marie Carmody
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin T. Alford ’99
Mr. Michael T. Alley Jr. ’20
Mr. E. Grant Alumbaugh ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin M. Anderson ’01
Mr. Seth H. Andrus ’22
Mr. Luke C. Anseman ’19
Mrs. Syretta Anthony
Mr. Hunter J. Antie ’19
Mr. Logan P. Antie ’20
Mr. John C. Appleton ’22
Dr. and Mrs. G. Thomas Arbour Jr. ’95
Mr. M. Martin Jay Arcemont IV ’19
Mr. Yusuf R. Atkins Jr. ’19
Mr. Michael T. Atkinson ’76
Mr. Nicholas T. Atkinson ’21
Mr. Gabriel E. A. Aviles ’22
Mr. Sergio Aviles
Mr. Preston P. Aydell ’05
Mr. Elijah W. Bahlinger ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Harold I. Bahlinger Sr. ’53
Mr. Jackson H. Baird ’21
Mr. Jon P. Bajon ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Ron P. Bajon Jr. ’97
Dr. Jonathan R. Bakke ’02
Mr. Paul D. Balhoff ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Eric C. Balkom ’78
Mr. Edward C. Ball III ’20
Mr. and Mrs. John Bankston
Mr. John M. Bankston III ’21
Mr. Verdell J. Banner ’22
Mr. and Mrs. J. Lawrence Barbay ’06
Mr. Ian J. Barber ’22
Mr. Charles S. Barhorst ’20
Mr. Westley M. Barker ’22
Mr. Tyler A. Bass ’21
Mr. Courtlin E. Baunchand ’22
Mr. Thomas A. Baxter ’19
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Beach ’96
Mr. Jonathan D. Beale ’22
Mr. Thomas S. Beale ’20
Mr. Kyle A. Becnel ’19
Mr. Luke P. Bella ’20
Dr. and Mrs. Drake Bellanger
Mr. Thomas D. Bellanger ’21
Mr. Mackenzie J. F. Bennett ’20
Mr. Jacob B. Bergeron ’22
Dr. Michael A. Bergeron ’84
Mr. Miles O. Bergeron ’11
Mr. Zack R. Bergeron ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Berret III ’84
Mr. Justin M. Bertrand ’21
Mr. and Mrs. Travis J. Besselman ’97
Mr. Michael A. Bianca ’20
Mr. Caleb J. Bielkiewicz ’20
Mrs. Katherine C. Bishop
Mr. Cole W. Blackstone ’20
Mr. Brett A. Blanchard ’05
Mr. Joseph M. Blanchard ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Blanchard Sr.
Mr. Paul B. Blanchard ’97
Mr. Blaine J. Boatner ’05
Mr. Thomas D. Bofinger ’20
Mr. Blair P. Bogan ’16
Mr. Nicholas P. Bogan ’05
Mr. Timothy Bollinger
LCPL Andrew H. Bolton ’04
Mr. William D. Boneno ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Randolph J. Bonnecaze ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Booth ’93
Mr. Christian A. Bordelon ’22
Mrs. Dawn Bordelon
Mr. Aaron C. Borne ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Boshea
Mr. Brandon L. Bouchereau ’97
Mr. Brock R. Boudreaux ’21
Mr. Grayson W. Boudreaux ’23
Mr. John P. Boudreaux Jr. ’84
Mr. and Mrs. J. Pierre Boudreaux Sr. ’59
Mr. Robert J. Boudreaux IV ’20
Mr. Ryan M. Boudreaux ’22
Mr. and Mrs. David Boulet
Mr. Samuel S. Boulet ’23
Mr. Zachary J. Boulet ’21
Mr. Andrew B. Bourg ’22
Mr. Brennan M. Bourg Jr. ’19
Mr. Benjamin P. Bourgeois ’22
Mr. Brandon P. Bourgeois ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Bourgeois
Mr. Michael Paul Bourgeois ’05
Mr. Paul M. Bourgeois ’20
Mr. Ray H. Bourgeois III ’20
Honorable and Mrs. Richard L. Bourgeois Jr. ’94
Mr. Simon R. Bourgeois ’21
Mr. James T. Bourgoyne ’22
Ms. Tanya Bourgoyne
Mr. and Mrs. Dylan Bourque
Mr. Kaden M. Bowen ’22
Mr. Marcus A. Boyer ’00
Mr. Willie C. Bracken Jr ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Brady ’97
Mr. J. Patton Brantley V ’97
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchel Brashier
Mr. Alex J. Braud ’22
Dr. and Mrs. Jeryl Breaux
Mr. Liam S. Breaux ’21

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin A. Brian ’86
Mr. Thomas Brignac
Mr. Thomas A. C. Brock ’21
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew K. Broha ’07
Mr. and Mrs. Burke J. Brooks III ’02
Mr. James R. Brooks ’02
Mr. Chase C. Brouillette ’16
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Brouillette
Dr. and Mrs. Adam J. Broussard ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Broussard
Mr. Chad M. Broussard ’99
Mr. Jack N. Broussard ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Broussard ’67
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Brown ’94
Mr. Karsten A. Brown ’19
Mr. Shawn C. Brown Jr ’22
Mr. and Mrs. William Brown
Mr. Matthew J. Browning ’16
Mr. and Mrs. V. Browning III
Mr. Benjamin M. Brumfield ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Burton Brumfield Jr.
Mr. Collins E. Bryant ’19
Mr. Kole D. Bulot ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Buras ’71
Mr. Brooks A. Burgess ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Burke ’89
Mr. Brady T. Burns ’22
Kelly Busenlener
Mr. Ethan J. Bush ’22
Mr. Daniel de Wit Butcher ’05
Mr. Hunter M. Calix ’05
Mr. Liam J. Calkins ’22
Mr. Jacob A. Campbell ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Campesi
Mr. Brennan M. Campesi ’21
Mr. Joshua T. Campesi ’18
Mr. Joseph T. Cangelosi ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Randal R. Cangelosi ’87
Mr. Gino P. Canizaro ’22
Mr. Cade L. Cardenas ’20
Mr. Houston K. Carley ’19
Mr. Paul B. Carlson ’23
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley J. Caro ’96
Mr. Jake A. Carpenter ’19
Mr. Giancarlo E. Carreras ’22
Mr. Liam N. Carruth ’22
Mr. Daniel P. Carter ’21
Mr. Carson J. Caruso ’19
Mr. John C. Cascio ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Cascio ’03
Mr. Bion B. Cashio ’21
Mr. Collin J. Casseri ’20
Mr. Peter M. Cates ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Jared Cavalier
Mr. Ian J. Cavana ’21
Mr. Christopher J. Cazenave ’12
Mr. Cole M. Cazenave ’19
Mr. Christopher W. Cerniauskas ’22
Dr. and Mrs. Russell L. Chapman
Mr. Wesley J. Charlton ’19
Mr. Carson R. Chassaignac ’21
Mr. Raymond L. Chassaignac ’19
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Chastain Jr. ’82
Mr. Michael S. Chatelain ’21
Mr. Shawn D. Chau ’23
Mr. Hunter S. Chauncy ’19
Ms. Theresa Chauncy
Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Cheatham ’97
Mr. Anthony F. Chiasson ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Chiasson
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Chittom
Mr. Jack A. Chittom ’21
Mr. Clark M. Chustz ’22
Mr. Grant M. Chustz ’21
Mr. Landen P. Chustz ’23
Mr. and Mrs. George Clark III
Mr. Joshua T. Clark ’22
Mr. Jacob P. Clement ’21
Mr. Christopher L. Coates ’20
Mr. Adam H. Cockfield ’22
Mr. Luke J. Cockfield ’19
Mr. Patrick N. Coco ’05
Mr. R. Joseph Coco Jr. ’95
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Coghlan Jr. ’91
Mr. Gregory D. Cole ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice J. Coleman ’82
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Collens III ’65
Mr. Michael V. Conger ’19
Mr. William R. Conger ’21
Ms. Fiona Conroy
Ms. Debbie Coogan
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Coogan ’93
Mr. Austin D. Cook ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Bertell A. Cook Jr. ’70
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy H. Cook ’96
Mr. Charles Cooper and Dr. Carrie Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. Guillermo Cordon
Mr. C. Remy Cossé IV ’05
Mr. and Mrs. R. Matthew Cotton
Mr. James E. Couhig ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Couhig ’90
Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Couper
Mr. Dylan M. Coye ’22
Mr. Landon B. Crane ’22
Mr. Andrew D. Crawford ’21
Mr. J. Alexander Crifasi ’19
Mr. Cameron J. Crochet ’21
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy J. Cronan ’99
Mr. Gino J. Culotta ’23
Mr. Houston M. D’Albor ’21
Mr. and Mrs. John W. D’Antoni ’73
Mr. Nicholas C. Danna ’16
Mr. Tyler J. Dantin ’22
Mr. and Mrs. John Dardis Jr.
Mr. Cameron L. Dartez ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Damian Dartez
Mr. Grant M. David ’19

Mr. Grant J. Dawson ’18
Mr. Patrick C. Day ’22
Mr. Lucas W. Dean ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Deavers ’81
Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Decuir III
Mr. Gabriel G. DeFee ’22
Mr. Matthew R. deGraauw ’20
Mr. and Mrs. John Delatin
Mr. Parker H. Delatte ’19
Mr. Patrick H. Delatte ’20
Mr. John L. Delaune ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Warner J. Delaune Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher S. Demouy ’93
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Demouy ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Ross J. DeNicola III ’83
Mr. Ryan J. DeNicola ’21
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. DeOliveira ’90
Mr. James C. DeOliveira ’19
Mr. Samuel L. Dersch ’21
Mr. Robert M. Dial ’97
Mr. Davis F. Dicharry Jr. ’21
Mr. Luke J. Dille ’20
Mr. John A. Dillman ’22
Mr. Francis V. Dinh ’19
Mr. Ben S. DiPalma ’00 and Dr. Erin DiPalma
Mr. Lucas D. DiResto ’19
Mr. Francis H. T. Doan ’19
Mr. Austin P. Doiron ’05
Mr. Hunter J. Doiron ’19
Mr. Samuel Logan P. Doré ’97
Mr. and Mrs. Sean T. Driscoll ’96
Mr. Christian A. Dubroc ’21
Mr. Jack C. Ducote ’18
Ms. Tracy Ducote
Mr. Max A. Duet ’21
Mr. Aidan J. Duffield ’23
Mr. and Mrs. Brent J. Dugas ’97
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Duggar Jr.
Mr. Joseph C. Duncan ’22
Ms. Jane H. Dunn
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Dunn Jr.
Mr. Sean M. Dunn ’20
Mr. Jeremy T. Dupaquier ’21
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Duplantis Jr.
Mr. Noah M. Duplantis ’21
Mr. Kylan M. Dupre ’22
Mr. Chad A. Dupuy ’00
Mr. Timothy M. Durel ’05
Dr. and Mrs. Brian N. Dyess
Mr. Benjamin W. Eagleton ’22
Mr. Ethan M. Eckler ’21
Mr. Andrew D. Edwards ’22
Mr. Blake T. Edwards ’21
Mr. Prince Edwards ’22
Mr. Connor M. Eisenbraun ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Elliott
Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Emonet ’87
Mr. J. Taylor Empson ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Lee P. Erie
Mr. Lee P. Erie ’75
Mr. Andrew K. Evans ’20
Mr. Hilton J. Eymard III ’20
Mr. A. Achille Fairchild III ’00
Mr. Nicholas M. Fanguy ’20
Mr. Paul M. Farmer ’11
Mr. Bailey A. Faulk ’21
Mrs. Karen T. Fawley
Mr. Frank L. Fazio ’05
Mr. John A. Feet ’22
Mr. Brady A. B. Ferachi ’21
Mr. Carter A. Ferachi ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Fernandez ’72
Mr. Timothy A. Ferrell ’21
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Fisher ’98
Mr. Ethan D. Fitzgerald ’22
Ms. Jennifer Fontaine
Mr. and Mrs. Jason L. Fontane ’95
Mr. C. Reed Fontenot ’19
Mr. Elliot D. Fontenot ’20
Mr. Johnny R. Fontenot Jr ’23
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Foust
Mr. Kevin C. Franklin ’93
Mr. Tremare D. Franklin ’22
Mr. and Mrs. John Frazier
Mr. Hunter M. Freeman ’21
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Freeman ’02
Mr. Charles L. Fremaux ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Frey
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Furrate ’76
Mr. Russell E. Gahagan ’22
Mr. Kennard P. Garrett III ’22
Mr. Anthony M. Gaudiano ’21
Mr. Parker M. Gautreau ’23
Mr. Brady M. Gautreaux ’97
Mr. Andrew I. Gawarecki ’20
Mr. Lucas J. Gawarecki ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie D. Gendron
Mr. Cade E. Giambrone ’19
Mr. Carson M. Giambrone ’21
Dr. and Dr. Brad Giarrusso
Mr. Garrett M. Gibbens ’05
Mr. Laison J. Gilbert ’21
Mr. and Mrs. Ericson J. Gilley ’90
Mr. Elijah G. Gilmore ’23
Mr. Benjamin S. Godail ’22
Mr. Ethan A. Goldsmith ’22
Mr. Cason L. Gomez ’19
Mr. Lee C. Gonsoulin ’21
Mr. Michael A. Gonzalez ’22
Mr. Hunter J. Goodson ’20
Mr. Charles S. Gordon ’21
Mr. Patrick M. Gordon ’22
Mr. Terrance E. Gosserand II ’22
Mr. Christopher A. Grant ’19
Dr. and Mrs. Kurt W. Graves ’85
Mr. John A. Greco ’98
Mr. Christian P. Greenblatt ’21
Mr. Jonathan K. Greer ’19
Mr. Jackson I. Gremillion ’21
Mr. Ty R. Grenfell ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Grey III ’88
Mr. Charles W. Grey ’22

Mr. Grant H. Griffin ’22
Mr. Matthew L. Griffin ’22
Mr. Adam P. Grissom ’21
Mr. Jacob D. Grissom ’22
Mr. Rick A. Guerrero Jr. ’05
Mr. Hayden A. Guidry ’19
Mr. Luke C. Guidry ’23
Mr. Kevin M. Guillory ’02
Mr. Max C. Guillot ’22
Mr. Mason C. Guy ’21
Mr. Brandon L. Gwin ’06
Mr. and Mrs. John Habisreitinger Jr.
Mr. Harlan A. Hamilton ’21
Mr. William W. Hannaman Jr. ’60
Mr. Jackson D. Hannegan ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Christian P. Hansen Jr. ’48
Mr. Daniel J. Harden ’23
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Harden
Mr. Ryan J. Harmon ’19
Mr. Spencer M. Harrell ’08
Mr. Denim K. Harrison ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Eric M. Hart ’02
Mr. George L. Hart III ’21
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle J. Harvey ’98
Mr. and Mrs. Ted W. Harvey
Mr. and Mrs. Steve E. Hatcher
Mr. Tyler C. Hawkins ’22
Mr. Aaron J. Haynes ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle J. Heath ’96
Mr. Charles J. Hebert ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Hebert Jr.
Brother Ray Hebert, SC
Mr. Skyler N. Hecht ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Hedges ’90
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Hedrick
Mr. Jesse C. Hedrick ’23
Mr. James W. Helm ’22
Mr. Martin M. Helouin ’20
Mr. Stephen A. Herin ’21
Mr. Benjamin P. H. Herman ’22
Mr. Hap M. Heroman ’22
Mr. Patrick M. Herry ’19
Mr. Kyle D. Hertel ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher H. Hester ’01
Mr. Brian A. Hibbard ’20
Mr. Brian W. Hightower ’97
Mr. J. Stephen Hightower ’91 and Dr. Leah P. Hightower
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Hightower
Mr. James P. Hill Jr.
Mr. Mycah J. Hines ’22
Mr. Braelon S. Hobson ’21
Mr. and Mrs. Blake A. Hodges ’83
Mr. Thomas W. Hodgson ’21
Mr. Rhett L. Holder ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Holliday ’60
Mr. Collin D. Holloway ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Hood
Mr. and Mrs. George Hopkins
Mr. Matthew S. Hosea ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Hotard ’85
Mr. Matthew R. Hubbell ’21
Mr. Brandon E. Hubicz ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hupperich
Mr. Alan J. Hymel ’08
Mr. Philip A. Hymel ’19
Mr. Christopher N. Issa ’20
Mr. Roy T. Issa ’05
Mr. and Mrs. Michelle Ivey
Mr. Kyle Jackson ’07
Mr. Benjamin T. James ’19
Mr. Ian L. James ’19
Mr. Owen C. James ’22
Mr. Bryan G. Jeansonne, Esq. ’98
Mr. Zachary J. Jefferson ’23
Mr. Shaan R. Jindal ’22
Mr. Mason P. Joffrion ’21
Mr. Benjamin L. Johnson ’19
Mr. Jacob A. Johnson ’22
Mr. John C. Johnson ’21
Mr. Colin M. Jolivette ’19
Mr. and Mrs. John Jolivette
Mr. Brian B. Jones Jr. ’21
Mr. Jerry Jones and Mrs. Lyn Holden
Mr. Mateo X. Jones ’21
Mr. Steele P. Jones ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Joseph
Mr. Ethan J. Joseph ’21
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Juge
Mr. Gregory T. Juge Jr. ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Jumonville
Mr. Stephen L. Kadair ’19
Mr. W. Cooper Katzenmeyer ’19
Mr. Bradley A. Katzmarzyk ’14
Mr. Alexander D. Keaty ’23
Mr. Brady A. Keller ’22
Mr. Sidney J. Keller ’21
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Kelly ’92
Mr. James P. Kelly ’21
Mr. Clarence B. Kemper IV ’19
Brother Dwight Kenney, SC
Mr. and Mrs. David Kerth
Mr. William H. Kessler IV ’23
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Kessler III
Mr. John E. Kitto ’05
Mr. Andrew K. Kleinpeter ’21
Mr. Kristopher A. Kleinpeter ’21
Mr. Ryan G. Kleinpeter ’97
Mr. Kyle P. Klester ’22
Mr. Kirby P. Koch ’19
Mr. Janus T. Korevec ’21
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Kronenberger
Mr. Joseph A. Kronenberger ’22
Mr. Clifton L. Kurzweg ’19

Mr. Alexander J. LaBar ’18
Mr. B. Ty Labatut ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Eliot Labbe’
Mr. Gregory T. LaBorde ’96
Mr. James A. Lalonde III ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Lamy III ’78
Mr. Charles E. Landry ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Landry
Mr. and Mrs. Will H. Landry ’98
Mr. and Mrs. Scott B. Lanehart ’95
Mr. Benjamin J. Langley ’21
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Langley ’82
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Langlois
Mr. Joshua J. Langlois ’20
Mr. Austin J. Lantz ’22
Mr. Reece J. Lantz ’19
Mr. Braydon A. Larussa ’23
Mr. and Mrs. Jason J. Lasseigne
Mr. Cody P. Lauret ’21
Dr. and Mrs. Dean Lauret
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Lauve
Mr. Charles D. Lauve ’22
Mr. James D. Lauve ’21
Mr. Harold R. Lawson ’23
Ms. Anna Le
Mr. Justin N. Le ’22
Mr. Alexander A. Leake ’21
Mr. Britton C. LeBlanc ’22
Mr. Collin P. LeBlanc ’21
Mr. Conner N. LeBlanc ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Duane LeBlanc
Mr. Harris D. LeBlanc ’20
Mr. Jackson A. LeBlanc ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Leblanc
Mr. and Mrs. Keith LeBlanc
Mr. Logan C. LeBlanc ’19
Mr. Luke A. LeBlanc ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew LeBlanc ’07
Mr. Maverick J. LeBlanc ’05
Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Ledig ’73
Mr. Aidan R. Lee ’22
Mr. Christian P. Leger ’19
Mr. Logan P. Leger ’21
Mr. Micah P. LeGrange ’22
Mr. Bennett C. LeJeune ’23
Mr. Mark A. LeJeune ’97
Mr. John M. LeMaire ’22
Mr. Patrick T. Lemoine ’19
Mr. James A. Leonard ’21
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Leonard
Mr. Grant W. LeSage ’21
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Lewis ’69
Mr. Trajon M. Lewis ’22
Mr. Jack I. Lieux ’19
Mr. Collin M. Lindrew ’14
Mr. Zachary B. Lindrew ’20
Mr. Matthew T. Lofaso Jr ’16
Mr. Zachary M. Lofaso ’22
Mr. Michael M. Long ’21
Mr. Easton J. Lonibos ’22
Mr. Gerard K. Lorio ’22
Mr. Luke J. Losavio ’23
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne T. Losavio ’98
Mr. William I. Lott ’19
Mr. and Mrs. David Loupe
Mr. John B. Love ’05
Mr. Evan T. Luu ’22
Mr. Bruce I. MacMorran ’22
Mr. Jack A. Maddox ’19
Mr. Cal W. Madere ’90
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Maffuccio ’70
Mr. and Mrs. Blake Maggio
Mr. Paul J. Maher IV ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Maher ’94
Mr. Michael A. Malek ’96
Mr. Jackson G. Mangham ’21
Mr. James G. D. Manning ’19
Mr. and Mrs. M. Scott Manning ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Justin T. Mannino ’06
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Mannino
Mr. Chase L. Marino ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Marrero
Mr. and Mrs. Brent T. Martin ’97
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Martin
Mr. Mathew P. Martinez ’05
Mr. Justin S. Mascaro ’94
Mr. Harper G. Massey ’19
Mr. Jack M. Massey ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Massey
Mr. Sean M. Matassa ’05
Mr. Andrew S. Mathews ’21
Mr. D. Dillon Weaver Mathies ’08
Mr. Jack C. Matthews ’21
Ms. Shelley Matthews
Mr. Alex D. Matus ’22
Mr. Pierce W. Maughan ’23
Mr. and Mrs. K. Jason May ’00
Ms. Melissa May
Mr. Paul E. Mayeaux Jr. ’20
Mr. Steven V. Mayer ’22
Mr. Mason M. Mayes ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor B. Mayeux ’07
Mr. and Mrs. Van R. Mayhall Jr. ’64
Mr. Colin P. Mayne ’22
Mr. Patrick C. McCay ’22
Mr. Mason A. McClatchey ’19
Mr. Colin P. McCool ’22
Mr. Hayden C. McDowell ’20
Mr. Luke D. McGibboney ’20
Mr. Colin M. McGlynn ’19
Mr. Loudon A. McGuire ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. McGuire ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. McGuire III ’84

Mr. Ian C. McLean ’20
Mr. Britt S. McLindon ’19
Mr. and Mrs. C. Wally McMakin
Mr. Dixon W. McMakin ’05
Mr. Daniel C. Meche ’20
Mr. Jeremy L. Meiske ’05
Mr. and Mrs. John Melancon
Mr. and Mrs. Marlin Melancon
Mr. Sean P. Melancon ’22
Mr. Joseph W. L. Mengis ’19
Mr. Andy S. Mertz ’19
Mr. John Thomas Messina ’08
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Mestayer
Mr. and Mrs. Blake Metz
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Middleton
Mr. Andrew M. Miletello ’23
Mr. André J. Miller ’23
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Miller ’96
Mr. David C. Mills Jr. ’21
Mr. Carter R. Mims ’22
Mr. Travis D. Minor ’97
Mr. Samuel S. Mistretta ’01
Mr. Patrick M. Mockler ’21
Mr. Ian M. Moggio ’20
Mr. Thomas C. Mongrue ’22
Mr. Brady J. Montelaro ’22
Mr. Ryan P. Moock ’97
Mr. Kyle E. Morgan ’05
Mr. Zachary P. Morgan ’21
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Morin
Mr. Tyler R. Morris ’23
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew G. Moscona ’00
Mr. Cole A. Mosley ’22
Mr. Jackson R. Munson ’21
Mr. Darren J. Murphy ’21
Mr. and Mrs. Brett J. Murray ’06
Mr. Jeffrey M. Murray ’05
Dr. and Mrs. James J. Murtagh ’53
Mr. and Mrs. L. Charles Musgrove Jr. ’89
Mr. Hayden M. Musso ’22
Mr. and Mrs. K. Luke Myers ’97
Mr. George T. Nassif ’20
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony A. Nauta Jr. ’05
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan G. Nesbit ’95
Mr. Jake A. Netterville ’19
Mr. A. Stuart Newman ’03
Mr. Stephen S. Nezat ’19
Mr. Aaron A. D. Nguyen ’22
Mr. Cody A. Nguyen
Mr. Jacob M. M. Nguyen ’21
Mr. Jason L. Nguyen ’22
Mr. Victor V. Nguyen ’20
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Nikolaus ’98
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory W. Noel ’88
Mr. Joshua J. Noel ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Jules J. Noel IV ’87
Mr. Brandon S. Nowlin ’00
Mr. Griffin Y. O’Neill ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. O’Neill Sr.
Mr. Daniel A. Occupati ’19
Mr. Marcello A. Occupati ’21
Mr. Quinlan D. Ostrowe ’19
Mr. Kevin J. Oubre ’19
Mr. Kyle A. Oubre ’23
Mr. Ethan T. Ourso ’21
Mr. Elijah M. Owens ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Page
Mr. Vincent B. Palermo ’22
Mr. Elijah J. Palmer ’20
Mr. Hayden L. Palmer ’23
Mr. Jude F. Papillion ’19
Mr. Benjamin F. Papizan ’22
Dr. and Mrs. O. Joseph Parenton III ’00
Mr. Andrew J. Parker ’21
Mr. Dennis M. Parker ’97
Dr. and Mrs. Charles A. Patout Jr.
Mr. Charles A. Patout III ’97
Ms. Nancy Patout
Mr. Cody R. Patriquin ’19
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Patriquin ’65
Mr. Cole M. Patterson ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew E. Pecquet ’86
Mr. Todd C. Pedersen ’05
Mr. Daniel J. Peeler ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Peneguy
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Perera
Dr. and Mrs. Brannon C. Perilloux ’87
Mr. William C. Perilloux ’19
Mr. Arthur L. Perkins ’22
Mr. Brock W. Perry ’19
Mr. Joshua O. Pforr ’19
Mr. Blayden J. Phillips ’20
Mr. Bransen G. Phillips ’22
Mr. and Mrs. A. Anthony Piazza Jr. ’97
Mr. and Mrs. Blake A. Pino, Esq. ’05
Mr. Hayes P. Pipes ’20
Mr. Cade C. Pizzalato ’22
Mr. Lane J. Poche ’21
Mr. Ethan N. Pocorello ’22
Mr. Micah J. Podorsky ’08
Mr. Joseph S. Politz ’84
Mr. Parker T. Politz ’19
Mr. Andrew B. Ponson ’22
Mr. John M. Pontif ’21
Mr. Anthony E. Ponton Jr. ’19
Mr. Tucker B. Poret ’20
Mr. William L. Post ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Darick Potter
Mr. Clayton A. J. Pourciau ’23
Mr. Jarred P. Pourciau ’19
Mr. Colin J. Prejean ’22
Mr. Joseph M. Price ’19
Mrs. Dorothy Prudhomme

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Purgerson
Mr. Christopher W. Purnell ’20
Mr. Anthony J. Pusateri ’22
Ms. Shannon Pusateri
Mr. Patrick H. Quigley ’21
Mr. Lydell L. Radford ’21
Ms. Amy Radle
Mr. Steffek T. Rainey ’21
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Rawls
Mr. Elijah J. Reames ’19
Mr. Grant R. Rebowe ’22
Mr. Christopher Redden
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Reinecke
Mr. Andrew J. Remson ’04
Mr. Grant M. Reynolds ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan M. Rhodes ’05
Mr. Patrick J. Richard ’21
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Riche Jr. ’88
Mr. and Mrs. William Ridge
Mr. William D. Ridge ’18
Mr. Cody B. Rikhoff ’22
Mr. Cullen B. Rikhoff ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan W. Riley ’99
Mr. William M. Riley ’22
Mr. Jackson A. Rimes ’21
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Rippel ’87
Mr. William J. Rippel ’22
Mr. Robert E. Ritchie ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Ritter ’93
Mr. Jared A. Robbins ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Robbins
Mr. Brooks M. Robert ’20
Mr. Nicholas E. Robert ’19
Mr. Joshua D. Robertson Jr ’22
Ms. Jill Robinson
Mr. Reagan J. Robinson ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Lenny Rodrigue
Mr. Walter R. Rodriguez ’20
Mr. Diamante M. Rogers ’19
Mr. Bradley S. Romano ’05
Mr. Luke H. Romano ’19
Mr. Kamren P. Rome ’21
Mr. Joseph P. Romero ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Ross
Mr. Warren H. Ross ’22
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Rosso ’70
Mr. Owen M. Rothschild ’17
Mr. Garen M. Rounds ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua J. Rounds ’96
Mr. John T. Roussel ’22
Mr. and Dr. Tim Roussel Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Row
Mr. Louis S. Ruffino IV ’02
Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. Rumfola ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie W. Rushing ’92
Mr. Michael A. Rusk ’20
Mrs. Elahe Russell
Mr. Allison J. Sabine III ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Bennett C. Saia ’90
Mr. Taylor R. Saia ’22
Mr. Caleb E. Sanders ’19
Mr. Connor J. Sanders ’21
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy M. Sanders ’05
Mr. Ruston R. Sanders ’97
Dr. Taylor W. Sanders ’97
Mr. Jared M. Sapia ’19
Mr. Nicholas V. Saurage ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Sauviac
Mr. Sayer D. Sauviac ’19
Mr. Harrison G. Say ’19
Mr. Dylan J. Scalise ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Scarton
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Schempf ’90
Mr. Baylor J. Schexnayder ’12
Mr. Jake A. Schexnaydre ’19
Mr. Jack M. Schliewe ’21
Mr. Eric C. Schroeder ’21
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schroeder
Mr. Nicholas L. Schroeder ’23
Mr. William A. Schroeder ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Anton Schwartz IV
Mr. Gavin A. Schwartz ’22
Mr. Matthew J. Sciambra ’22
Mr. Donald G. Scully III ’23
Mr. Blain M. Seale ’21
Mr. Grant J. Segar ’18
Mr. and Mrs. L. James Segar III ’90
Mr. Joshua H. Selleck ’22
Mr. Andrew P. Sellers III ’21
Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell P. Sellers ’95
Mr. Joseph A. Serpas ’22
Mr. Edward J. Shanks ’22
Mr. Andrew N. Shea ’19
Mr. Hunter J. Shiflett ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Francisco A. Silva Jr. ’85
Mr. Lloyd B. Silvey ’21
Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Silvio ’61
Mr. Jacob L. Simon ’19
Mr. Chance L. Simpson ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Randall G. Simpson
Mr. Joseph R. Sims ’21
Mr. Corey J. Singleton Jr ’22
Mr. Keith Singleton Jr. ’19
Mr. Solomon O. Singleton ’20
Mr. and Mrs. William Singleton
Mr. Konner N. Smart ’22
Mr. Ethan R. Smith ’23
Ms. Kathleen Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Sonnier ’91
Mr. and Mrs. Scott J. Sonnier ’92
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart G. Sonnier ’92
Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Sorrells ’95
Mr. Zachary M. Soulie ’20

Mr. Mark B. Spring ’22
Mr. Charles B. St. Martin ’21
Mr. and Mrs. Kenny St. Romain
Mr. Parker J. St. Romain ’21
Mr. Jonah D. Stagg ’21
Mr. John A. Stall ’19
Mr. Ryan L. Stamper ’00
Mr. Parker L. Stanford ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Mark G. Starring ’75
Mr. Andrew W. Stassi ’19
Mr. John P. Staub ’19
Mr. Lawrence D. Steele ’00
Mr. Connor J. Stewart ’21
Mr. Reed E. Stewart ’20
Mr. and Mrs. David Stigall
Mr. Matthew G. Stigall ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Stovall
Mr. Eric D. Street III ’21
Mr. Daniel D. Sullivan ’22
Mr. John E. Surek ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Sylvester
Mr. Jordan C. Sylvester ’21
Mr. Shannon C. Talamo ’02
Mr. Jeffery P. Talbot ’22
Mr. Alek C. Tanner ’22
Mr. Garrett J. Tassin ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Tassin
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Tate
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Tatum
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Tatum
Mr. Connor M. Taylor ’20
Mr. Anthony M. Tempanaro ’20
Mr. Grant A. Thevenot ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Thevenot
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Thibodeaux
Mr. Hunter P. Thomas ’19
Mr. Jackson B. Thomas ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Thompson
Mr. Christian J. Thompson ’21
Mr. and Mrs. Lyman E. Thornton III
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Thriffiley
Mr. and Mrs. C. Nathaniel Tibbetts Jr. ’87
Mr. Alexander D. Tilley ’19
Mr. Matthew R. Tilley ’21
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Tilley Jr.
Mr. Jordan A. Toaston ’22
Mr. Milton Todd III
Mr. Tyler C. Toussant ’20
Mr. Graham E. Trainor ’22
Mr. Gene N. Tran ’22
Mr. Justin N. Tran ’23
Mr. Nhan L. T. Tran ’22
Dr. and Mrs. Jon Traxler
Mr. Blaison D. Treuil ’21
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Tullier
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick G. Tullier ’75
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent V. Tumminello III ’06
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos A. Turner Jr.
Mr. Braden T. Ulmer ’20
Mr. Matthew G. Underwood ’00
Mr. James R. Usher ’20
Mr. Eric M. Valenciano ’02
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Van Hook III
Mr. and Mrs. Brian M. Velardo ’97
Mr. Evan H. Venable ’19
Mr. and Mrs. John Viator
Mr. Brett B. Vidrine ’15
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy M. Vidrine
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Vidrine
Mr. Cole M. Viguerie ’21
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Villenurve
Mr. Dagan O. Villenurve ’22
Mr. Andrew S. Vuljoin ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Roy A. Waggenspack ’72
Mr. Matthew H. Waghalter ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Sigmund Waghalter Jr.
Mr. Samuel G. Wagner ’19
Mr. Craig M. Waguespack ’21
Mr. Austin M. Walker ’12
Mr. Jackson D. Walker ’22
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Walsh
Mr. John D. Wampold ’23
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wanless
Mr. Martin J. Ware and Mrs. Farin Fabre-Ware
Mr. Joshua M. Wax ’22
Mr. John J. Weaver ’97
Mr. and Mrs. August J. Webber III ’90
Mrs. Cheryl V. Welborn
Capt. Tim N. Welborn ’92
Mr. Murphy W. Welch ’19
Mr. Adam J. Werth ’21
Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. West ’04
Mr. Jailahn J. White ’21
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie P. Wilbert ’73
Mr. Lyndon P. J. Wilbert ’19
Mr. Benjamin L. Wilfert ’21
Mr. and Mrs. W. Paul Wilkins
Mr. Brayden E. Wilkinson ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Williams
Mr. Matthew P. Williams ’05
Mr. Roderick U. Williams ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Williamson II ’92
Mr. Ethan L. Winchester ’21
Mr. W. Joseph Womack ’20
Mr. Broderick P. Wong ’21
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Wong
Mr. Winston B. Wood ’22
Mr. Daniel J. Woodruff ’19
Mr. Wesley D. Woodward ’22
Mr. Michael G. Woolverton ’19
Mr. Derek Zambo
Mr. Mason J. Zambo ’21
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley K. Zito ’90