05 Feb 2021

Grizzly Hospitality Group Welcomes Local Chefs

The brand new Grizzly Hospitality Group has been hitting the ground running! Recently the GHG welcomed Chef David Dickensauge from Beausoleil who spoke to students about his passion for creating a menu and the value of learning from his mentors. While Chef David created a new spin on a boudin ball appetizer from a “mystery box” of ingredients, students formed their mission statement for their new restaurant and considered their task list to ensure a successful opening.   At the end of the meeting, students got to sample Chef David’s creation and voted whether to include it on the menu.  News flash: it passed with flying colors!

Then, members of the Grizzly Hospitality Group welcomed Chef Noah Lessard ’01, Executive Chef at Rouj Creole, back to campus.  He spoke to the students about his passion for the food industry and the mentors who helped him form his culinary vision.  While he and the group members swapped recipe ideas, Chef Noah demonstrated correct knife skills as he prepared his latest creation: a grilled chicken salad topped with smoked blue cheese crumbles and a tangy homemade roasted red pepper vinaigrette.  Students tasted the final product and approved it for their restaurant menu.

The GHG restaurant concept is coming into focus.  Stay tuned for the big reveal later this semester and details on how you can support this group!