11 Mar 2021

Grizzly Hospitality Group gets One Step Closer to Opening for Service

The Grizzly Hospitality Group has been busy learning about all of the different aspects of owning, managing and growing a restaurant. Last week, the GHG welcomed Peak Media’s Melissa Campbell, marketing director for City Group Hospitality. She discussed how marketers walk clients through the process of articulating brand standards, company values, vision, culture, and mission. The marketing team determines how to identify the restaurant’s core demographic and efficiently reach them using targeted messaging via graphics, social media, and print media.

Then Chef Noah Lessard ’01 took the students back to the kitchen to taste a dessert option for the restaurant’s menu: beignets with three different sauces:  blueberry gastric, raspberry jam, and bourbon vanilla Anglaise.

Finally, the GHG members were treated to a bread pudding challenge between Chef Noah and Drew Sarhan ’24. Drew won 4-3! J

This week’s speaker was Billy Berger with B&B Event Rentals who discussed décor, supply rentals, and staffing with our budding entrepreneurs.  Then Chef Noah showed our students correct knife skills in the kitchen.  But the highlight of the meeting was when Stephen Hightower handed out their new CAJUN SOUL SOUTHERN KITCHEN t-shirts. The Cajun Soul logo was designed by senior Steffek Rainey. His artwork will also be featured on the menu!

We are working on a date to “open” for service. Stay tuned for more details!