01 May 2017

Jacob Summerville Receives Recognition from EBR Sheriff’s Office

Senior Jacob Summerville was recognized on Monday, May 1, by Captain Randy Aguillard from the East Baton Rouge SheriffÕs Office for his service with the D.A.R.E. Program (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) during Role Model Week.

Each year, Aguillard recruits junior and senior student volunteers to assist him in Role Model Week by going to talk to fifth graders at different schools in the Baton Rouge area about their own experiences with peer pressure and saying no to drugs. Summerville has volunteered with Aguillard for the past two years. ÒJacob really relates well to the students and delivers a great drug-free message each time,Ó said Aguillard, supervisor of the D.A.R.E. Program and 26-year veteran of the police force with the EBR SheriffÕs Office. ÒOur student volunteers donÕt receive anything for their help with the D.A.R.E. Program, but I wanted to come by today to personally thank Jacob and recognize him for all the extra work he put in to this.Ó

This year, Summerville visited six different schools which is more than any other student volunteer. ÒI really enjoy answering the different questions from students,Ó said Summerville. ÒUltimately, they will learn by experience. If I set a good example for them as a role model, they are more likely to follow that example and make their own good decisions in the future.Ó

D.A.R.E. is a 10 week program and is designed to give young people the facts about drugs and alcohol and to “inoculate” them against negative peer pressure by teaching them self-management and resistance skills. Trained instructors from the EBR SheriffÕs Office present an innovative curriculum that emphasizes self-esteem, taking responsibility for one’s own behavior, and saying “no” to drug experimentation. D.A.R.E. focuses special attention on students in elementary school exit grades (5th or 6th) who are not yet likely to have been led by their peers to experiment with alcohol, tobacco and other drugs and are, therefore, more receptive to prevention education.