21 Sep 2011

JCL Members Give Back to the Community

The CHS JCL club participated in a service project with St. Vincent de Paul Saturday, September 17.  A group of 44 of our 72 members (8th-12th grades) divided evenly between the Staring Lane and Plank Road thrift store locations and assisted with tasks such as disposing of large items (furniture and mattresses), cleaning up the parking lots, loading and unloading trucks with boxes, sweeping and mopping, dusting furniture and items, hanging and sorting donated garments, and sorting through clothing racks.  The boys worked at each location from 9 A.M. to 12 P.M.  The JCL members were very pleased to assist an organization which not only so generously provides to the Baton Rouge community but is also run by a CHS alumnus.  Each of the stores benefitted greatly based on all of the labor our boys completed for them, and all of our boys learned an important lesson about giving back to the community.