09 Jul 2012

Jerry Stovall Speaks at CHS Youth Football Coach’s Clinic

On Sunday, July 8, CHS hosted a Youth Football Coachí´s Clinic for all area youth football coaches. CHS football head coach Dale Weiner organized the clinic, and former LSU and NFL football player and LSU head coach Jerry Stovall was the guest speaker.

Weiner introduced one of his childhood heroes, Jerry Stovall, to open the clinic. Stovall spoke to the coaches about the importance of getting to know each player on the team and leading by example. íÍYou cannot lead where you have not walked,íñ Stovall explained.

Stovall stressed to the coaches that the most important goal for each player is not to win the most games, but to be the best player he can be.  Faith, he said, is crucial in growing as an athlete and a team player. íÍNot one man can be the best he can be without walking hand in hand with his creator,íñ Stovall said.

After his talk, Stovall took questions from the coaches, and coach Weiner wrapped up the large group session of the clinic. CHS coaches then lead individual sessions on offense, defense, strength and conditioning and much more.

The clinic was a great success, and CHS thanks everyone for coming out and participating.