27 Feb 2011

Junior Classical League Attends Louisiana JCL Convention

The CHS Junior Classical League participated in the Louisiana Junior Classical League Convention held at the Baton Rouge Marriott February 25-27.  Students competed and participated in a variety of activities, such as group assemblies, chapter fellowships, academic tests, Certamen (a Latin quiz bowl), Olympika (track and field events, chariot races, catapult launches, and an obstacle course), spirit competitions, a talent show, dances and karaoke and banquet. 

CHS placed 4th in the overall sweepstakes for the convention and Kurt Ristroph placed first in the individual sweepstakes.  In addition, Ristroph won an all-expenses paid trip to the national convention at Eastern Kentucky University this summer for all his hard work and dedication to the organization. 

Academic Awards received were Drew Alvarez, second place in Roman Life; Mark Babin, first in Pentathlon, second in decathlon and third in vocab; Leon Calvit, third in reading comp; Haggai Davis, second in Latin derivatives, third in history and fifth in classical art and arch; Robert Denoux, fourth in pentathlon; Ryan Denoux, third in classical art and arch; Gaven Devillier, second in geography and fifth in history; Anthony Domma, first in classical art and arch; Connor Ducete, fourth in geography; Hunter Dupre, first in reading comp and fourth in mottoes; Danny Gates, third in pentathlon and fourth in vocab; Christop Keim, third in Latin derivatives; Thomas Martin, second in decathlon, third in history, third in roman life and fifth in grammar; Dillon Morris, fifth in geography; Kurt Ristroph, third in geography, fourth in decathlon and fourth in literature; Michael Ruiz, second in pentathlon, fourth in classical art and arch, fourth in geography, fourth in Latin derivatives and fourth in roman life; Matthew Skapura, first in Latin derivatives and fifth in decathlon; David Summerville, first in classical art and arch, fourth in reading comp and fifth in decathlon; and Benjamin Wiseman, second in geography, fourth in decathlon, fourth in grammar, fourth in history and fourth in reading comp.

Olympika Awards received were Matthew Skapura, fifth in 100 yard dash and fifth in B 100 Yard dash; Travis Vermolen, first in Broad jumb, third in B Marathon, third in shotput and fourth in 100 yard dash; Gaven Devillier, first in B Marathon, first in B Obstacle Course, fourth in B 100 Yard dash, fourth in broad jumb and fourth in shotput; Robert Denoux, second in shotput, second in B Obstacle Course and third in B 100 Yard Dash; Chris Labauve, third in B 100 Yard dash, third in 100 yard dash and fourth in broad jumb; Thomas Fredric, second in shotput; Jacob Johnson, third in broad jumb and fifth in shotput; Mark Babin, fourth in B marathon; and Kurt Ristroph, fourth in B obstacle course.