10 Apr 2011

Lacrosse Teams Sweep Six Game Weekend

In another full weekend of lacrosse the Catholic teams went undefeated.  The weekend started with the Freshman team continuing their Juggernaut through the freshman ranks of the LHSLL with a domination of the íÍLacrosse in the ParkíÍ Freshman Lacrosse Tournament.  The Bears first took on new comer KIPP Renaissance School of New Orleansí´ 9th Ward.  The Bears shut out a very gracious KIPP by a score of 8-0.  As has been the trend of late, the Bears saw offensive production from all through their lines.  Midfielder Randal Pizzolato lead all scorers with 2 points on 2 assists.  Attackmen Taylor Boyle, Grant Langley, and Dillon Hefflin along with midfielders Curtis Westmoland, Garret Harvey, Tick Brian, Andrew Perrodin, and Adrian Toranto all added one goal each to secure the win.  Goalie Michael Ruiz and a season hardened defensive unit secured the shutout and allowed no goals.   A trend that would continue through the tournament. 

Due to an ill twist of luck, goalie William Moore suffered a mid-week injury and was unable to play in the opening game but did take the field when the Bears faced the Crusaders of Brother Martin.  The Bears, hungry for payback, chewed through the Crusaders 8-1 with goalies Moore and Ruiz again posting solid performances.  Again, scoring came from all over the field.  The Bearsí´ Hefflin lead all scorers with 3 points on 1 goal and 2 assists followed by Chris Ferachi with 2 points on 1 goal and one assist.  Westmoland, Brian, Langley, Melancon, Perrodin, and Toranto all added one goal each and Pissolato and Boyle secured a point each with assists.  Freshman Coach Jeff Perrone said íÍThis is the best complete game of lacrosse we have played all season, all units played together with maturity beyond their experience.  It was inspiring to watchíñ.

The final game pitted the two top ranked teams in the tournament, the CHS Bears and the Wolves of St. Paulí´s.  As expected the game was a defensive slugfest.  When the dust had finally settled, the Bears shutout the Wolves 4-0.  It was a rare combination of goalie play, midfield control, and a defense that was determined not to give up a shot inside of 10 yards.  The defensive pressure of the Bears took away all quality shots from the Wolves and left them with desperate perimeter shots that were easily soaked up by goalies Ruiz and Moore.  Perrodin (2 goals), Toranto (1 goal) and Langley (1 goal) were the only scorers for the Bears but it proved enough to carry the tournament. 

Sunday all three teams saw action as they traveled to Lafayette to take on the St Thomas Moore Freshman and the Yellow Jackets of Shreveportí´s Byrd High School.  In the first time in the history of the CHS program the Bearsí´ Varsity team upset northern power Byrd High School by a score of 8-7.  Senior captain Sean Averette was dominating in his performance with 5 points on 4 goals and an assist.  Senior Jake Guba added 3 points on 2 goals in another strong outing.  The Bearsí´ other scorers were seniors Michael Beal (1 goal, 1 assist) and Tyler Hood (1 assist) and sophomore Hayden Case (1 goal).  The tenacity of the Bearsí´ midfield was on display as they battled both ways in the transition game against the hard charging and hard riding Yellow Jackets.  In a season and career standout performance junior goalie Kyle Robichaux limped from the field with an incredible 20 saves with a 74% save percentage.  Robichaux was assisted by the defense which forced the Jackets into fewer high quality shots.  Varsity coach Jeff Echols told the Bears íÍThat was a high quality team, and that was a high quality winíñ.  The varsity team will next face the Blue Jays of New Orleansí´ Jesuit High School in the first round of the LHSLL state championship playoffs.

Earlier in the day the JV team easily handled the Jacketsí´ JV in a 10-4 rout.  With the Bearsí´ dispersed scoring from up high as well as down low the Jackets were unable to adjust their defense to compensate and when they tried the Bears simply found the new seam and capitalized.

Sophomore John Kellner lead the scoring with 5 points on 4 goals followed by Baylor Schexnayder (1 goal ,2 assists), Ryan McGinty (1 goal, 1 assist), Grant Langley (2 goals), George Roberts (1goal), Andrew Perrodin (1 goal), Micah Theriot (1 assist), and Bennett Sherman (1 assist).  Sophomore goalie Joseph Angelloz had 7 saves on 11 shots on goal finishing the season with 12 games with save percentages above 60%. The tough long pole lines along with a hard riding midfield unit of the Bears wore down the starters for the Yellow Jackets and allowed Catholic to control the tempo, settle the offense, and take their time picking apart the Jacket defense.  The JV team finished the season with 16 wins 2 losses and 1 tie and moved to the top spot in the LHSLL JV division outscoring opponents on the year 121 to  40.  A strong end to an even stronger season.

The #1 ranked freshman team started off the morning, and the winning streak, with a sold win over #2 ranked St. Thomas Moore.  The Bears defeated the Cougars 7-5 in their 5th and final meeting of the season.  STM head coach Mike Guidroz stated before the game íÍití´s only fitting that the season ends with the top two teams facing off, for all the marbles and the bragging rights, this kind of thing stays with a kid for yearsíñ. 

The parity of these two top ranked teams, who played to season combined scores of 25-22, was evident the entire game as it was never out of reach of either team.  The Bears lead by no more than 4 goals at any time in the game and a late game illegal stick penalty by the Bears gave the Cougars an opportunity to take back two goals to pull the game back into striking distance.  The defensive unit of the Bears displayed solid defensive slides and recoveries and gave up only 1 shot inside of 10 yards.  Goalies Michael Ruiz and William Moore combined for 9 saves on 14 shots on goal.  The defensive effort, especially late in the game in man-down situations, proved too tough for the Cougars to overcome.  Coach Charlie Demas stated after the game íÍ these long pole players (Joe Poret, Gabe Scioneaux, Trey Kirkpatrick, Sam Hilburn, and Bradley Katzmarzyk) have become a solid interchangeable unit and are the unsung heroes of the second half of this seasoníñ.

Unselfish offensive play, a style that has become the hallmark of this freshman team, was once again in evidence Sunday as the Bears saw offensive production from 9 different players.  Pierre Melancon lead scorers with 3 points on 3 assists marking a break-through offensive performance by the tough defensive midfielder.  Other offensive production came from Dillon Hefflin (2 goals), Taylor Boyle (1 goal, 1 assist), 1 goal each from Curtis Westmoland, Grant Langley, Andrew Perrodin, and Adrian Toranto, and 1 assist each from Garret Harvey and Randall Pissolato.

The freshman team closed out their season with 14 wins and 4 losses, outscoring opponents 99-58 , and as the most highly decorated freshman team in the programí´s history.  A great way to end a great season.