16 May 2007

Lance Callihan Chosen for People to People Ambassador Program

Catholic High School eighth grade student Lance Callihan has been chosen as a Student Ambassador in the People to People Ambassador Program. He will participate in the Future Leaders Summit and will travel abroad in July.

The People to People Student Ambassador Program was founded in 1956 by President Dwight D. Eisenhower who believed that citizens from different nations, if they communicate directly, can solve their differences and find a way to live in peace.

In the Ambassador program, young Americans venture abroad or on the North American continent and experience other cultures while fostering the vision of world peace set forth by President Eisenhower.

Callihan was chosen for the program based on his demonstration of leadership and citizenship and a desire to learn about diverse cultures. As a student ambassador, Callihan travels under the banner of People to People and represents the best of the United States: hope, courage, friendship, peace and understanding.

‘I believe this is a wonderful opportunity to represent my country,’ commented Callihan. ‘I know I will gain a greater understanding of other cultures and will look to bring cultures together,’ added Callihan.

Callihan has been part of the People to People program for the past three years and has received nominations in both the academic and athletic areas.

This summer, Callihan will travel with 42 students in the area to the Heart of the Mediterranean: Paris, Monaco, Italy, Sicily and Malta. He will meet with government officials in each country and have the opportunity to stay with a family in Malta.

CHS alumnus Davis Hotard ’89 is one of the Delegation Leaders from the program and will accompany the group this summer overseas.
President John F. Kennedy captured the theme of the program when he said, ‘People to People is the power of people, acting as individuals, to respond imaginatively to the world’s need for peace.’