18 Aug 2014

Last Chance for Parents To Attend PAGE 30 Mandatory Meeting

The last opportunity to attend a PAGE 30 mandatory meeting is this Wednesday, August 20, at 5:30 p.m. in the CHS Union.  Parents of all students new to CHS were expected to attend one of the two presentations, the first offered this past Monday. 

CHS President Gene Tullier will explain the importance of PAGE gifts; how PAGE relates to tuition, teacher salaries and benefits, and the significance of providing innovative learning experiences at the core of the academic excellence í the hallmark of a Catholic High School education. 

PAGE 30 Chaircouple, Lacey and Bernie Corripio í´82, will share their parental perspective of CHS and its traditions within their family and the need for 100 percent of parents to partner with them in support of this yearí´s PAGE campaign. 

These meetings provide a transparent explanation for the Fund for Catholic High School and the positive effect that parental generosity has on their son(s).  This year marks the 30th year of PAGE.