13 Aug 2014

Letter from the Principal about Back To School Dance

Dear Parents,

The Back to School Dance is this Friday, August 15, in the CHS Gym. Please carefully read the information below to help our students enjoy this dance, and help facilitate transportation for those driving to the dance and for those parents dropping-off and picking-up students.

The main parking lot on Claycut will be used as the drop-off and pick-up point for Catholic High parents driving CHS students. To help reduce the volume of traffic present for the dance, students from St. Josephí´s Academy attending the dance must park at SJA or be dropped-off and picked-up from SJA. Chaperones from SJA will walk the girls over to Catholic High and walk them back to SJA after the dance. Only Catholic High students will be allowed to park in Westmoreland. Please see below for further details.

The dance begins at 8:00 p.m. and ends at 10:00 p.m. Students must arrive no later than 8:20 and will not be allowed to leave the dance early unless they are ill and a parent is called. Please be on time to pick up your son at the conclusion of the dance.

CHS students will purchase tickets at the door for $5.  Students must show their 2014-2015 CHS ID to enter.

Theme and dress:
The theme is íÍSalad Dressings.íñ Thanks to the Student Council for coming up with such an original and fun theme. Students must dress appropriately. Any student who is deemed by administration to be inappropriately dressed will be asked to change or leave the dance.
– Shorts are acceptable. They must be an appropriate length.
– T-shirts must be appropriate (slogans, emblems, etc.).
– Togas must be worn with a t-shirt and shorts underneath.
– No body or face paint.

No limos or party buses allowed.

IMPORTANT: Due to limited parking and construction on Claycut, we have revised the drop off and pick up plan. Please read the information below very carefully to facilitate carpool lines. 

CHS drivers: 
All CHS students driving to the dance must park in the Westmoreland parking lot.  No parking in the lot on Claycut and do not park on the streets surrounding our campus. Students must use the Government Street exit, not Cole Street, to exit the Westmoreland lot.  If your son is riding home with an SJA student, he will walk back to SJA at the conclusion of the dance with their chaperones to meet his ride.

Before the Dance – Carpool Drop-Off: 
All parents dropping-off CHS students must use the senior lot on Claycut, using Acadian Thruway to Claycut Drive.  If you are driving both boys and girls, you will need to drop girls off at SJA in their carpool line and then drop off the boys in the senior parking lot on Claycut.

After the Dance í Carpool Pick-Up:
At 9:55 p.m. all SJA students will gather in the CHS courtyard and will be escorted back to SJA by their chaperones to either drive home or wait for carpool. If your son is riding home with an SJA parent, he will walk back to SJA with their chaperones. All CHS students will remain at CHS to drive home or wait for carpool. Please be patient and please be cautious driving through the carpool line and exiting the school. Our studentsí´ safety is our primary concern.

To download the parking and carpool map, click here.

What if I am picking up both SJA and CHS students? 
If you are the parent of a CHS student and also picking up girls from SJA, you can pick-up all of your students at CHS. SJA girls riding home with CHS parents will be allowed to stay at CHS for pick-up. If your son is riding home with an SJA parent after the dance he will walk to SJA with chaperones.

What if I am the parent of both an SJA student and a CHS student?
You may pick up your students at the school of your choice. Please be sure to communicate with your students about where they will be picked up.

Thank you in advance for following these instructions so that all students are safe as they arrive and leave the dance.


Lisa Harvey