Matthew Moreau a Great Testimony
13 Dec 2018

Matthew Moreau ’14, a Great Testimony to the Enormous Impact of the Fund for Catholic High

Matthew Moreau ’14, attended Our Lady of Mercy School and graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in May of 2018. Inspired by his sister Maddie, who has cerebral palsy, Matthew works as a Special Education teacher in the East Baton Rouge Parish School System. He contributes much of his success from his time and education at CHS, and he continues to be a part of the CHS family as an assistant football and wrestling coach. Not only was his coaching career inspired by his coaches at Catholic, but also his father, Mark Moreau, was a big inspiration. Mark has spent his career coaching and teaching in Baton Rouge area schools. Without the tuition assistance program at CHS, Matthew would not have been able to attend Catholic High School. Thank you, Matthew, for allowing us to share your CHS experience and for the great service you are giving to our community and our boys!

Please help us maintain access to Catholic High School for all deserving young men and their families. We urge you to make a tax-deductible pledge or gift in support of the Alumni Appeal before December 31st. Being included in the legacy of giving at CHS is what is important, regardless of the amount. We need your participation to keep DEFINING THE DIFFERENCE for every student, every year!