08 Feb 2015

Members of the Spanish Club Attend Convention

The weekend of February 6, the Catholic High Spanish Club attended the Louisiana High School Spanish Convention. Seventeen members participated in the event. Throughout the Convention, students enjoyed a Quiz bowl and a dance. Prior to the dance, members learned how to perform the popular Latin American Salsa dance. Additionally, seminars covering Zumba dancing, cooking and typical crafts were available.

Competition results:

Creative Writing
2nd place í Josh Bishop (Spanish AP), Calvin Encalade (Spanish IV H), Nicholas Thompson (Native Level)

Placement Test
2nd place í Patrick Hardin (Spanish I)

Oral Communication
2nd place í Sam Gianfalla (Spanish II)
2nd place í Brendan Hardin (Spanish IV H)

Art Competition
1st place í Alec Peirrotti (Spanish AP)

State Delegates
Jordi Osuna – President