School Masses are an integral part of the spiritual life of CHS. Each month, students and faculty gather to worship and give thanks at our liturgies, focused on a specific theme often related to the Church calendar. Students help plan these liturgies and serve as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, altar servers, lectors and cantors. All are invited to worship with us. In addition to liturgies, students are offered the opportunity to participate in the sacrament of Reconciliation at school and are encouraged to attend in their respective parishes. Active involvement at the parish level is recommended as an excellent introduction to the greater Church. Students are challenged to assume their responsibilities as lay leaders and to consider vocations and ministries.

Liturgy Schedule 2017-2018

Mass – First Day for Eighth Grade and FreshmenAugust 9, 2017GYM
Mass – Feast of the Assumption of MaryAugust 15, 2017GYM
Mass – Brothers of the Sacred Heart Foundation DaySeptember 29, 2017GYM
Mass – Senior RetreatOctober 8, 2017GYM
Mass – Feast of All SaintsNovember 1, 2017GYM
Mass – ThanksgivingNovember 16, 2017GYM
Mass – Feast of Immaculate ConceptionDecember 8, 2017GYM
Mass – Respect Life MassJanuary 17, 2018GYM
Mass – Celebrating DiversityFebruary 21, 2018GYM
Mass – LentMarch 27, 2018GYM
Mass – Senior FarewellApril 25, 2018GYM
Closing of School MassMay 18, 2018GYM

Reconciliation Schedule 2017-2018

Reconciliation ScheduleDateTimeLocation
Reconciliation ServiceSeptember 14, 20175th-8th PeriodsGYM
Reconciliation ServiceSeptember 15, 20171st-4th PeriodsGYM
Reconciliation ServiceFebruary 1, 20185th-8th PeriodsGYM
Reconciliation ServiceFebruary 2, 20181st-4th PeriodsGYM