10 Apr 2016

Mu Alpha Theta Club Places Third at State Convention

The CHS Mu Alpha Theta club had 46 students attend the state convention on April 7-9, 2016.  CHS placed third overall out of 31 different schools (753 students) at state.

Individual Tests

5th – Josh Worley
9th – Dylan Thompson
10th – Ben Hackney
11th – Jordi Osuna
13th – Brett Prejean
14th – Josh Duke
16th – Parkes Winder
17th – Patrick Landry
20th – Brennan Burke

2nd – Brian Long
6th – Josh Brooks
7th – Nicholas Mueller
8th – Dominic Maggio
18th – Andrew Ford
19th – Hagan Dalton

Algebra 2
2nd – Isaak Dawson
7th – Cameron Vicknair
8th – Stephen Gaudin
12th – Khoivu Nguyen

Area Tests

Calculus – Differentiation
4th – Dylan Thompson
8th – Patrick Landry
15th – Josh Duke

2nd – Dominic Maggio
13th – David Yessayan
15th – Ivan Nguyen

6th – Michael Krzystowczyk
8th – Connor Waits

5th – Josh Brooks

Games and Team Events

1st place – Hunter Doiron, Andrew Ford, Blake Mancuso, Cameron Vicknair

Calculus Math Bowl
3rd place – Jordi Osuna, Joseph Sotile, David Toups, Josh Worley
4th place – Ben Hackney, Braden Nyboer, Peter Tumminello, Parkes Winder

Precalculus Math Bowl
3rd place – Hagan Dalton, Brian Long, Nicholas Mueller, David Tran
5th – Josh Brooks, Michael Krzystowczyk, Dominic Maggio, Chris McElveen

Algebra 2 Math Bowl
2nd – Isaak Dawson, Stephen Gaudin, Drew Harris, Khoivu Nguyen

Calculus Gemini
3rd – Joe Stassi, Brennan Triche

Algebra 2 Gemini
4th – Grant Alumbaugh, Noah Davis

Precalculus Descartes
3rd – Ryan Reese

Interschool Tests

Calculus – 8th place
Brennan Burke, Josh Duke, Benjamin Ferrell, Ben Hackney, Brendan Hardin, Patrick Landry, Blake Mancuso, Braden Nyboer, Jordi Osuna, Brett Prejean, Joseph Sotile, Joe Stassi, Dylan Thompson, David Toups, Brennan Triche, Peter Tumminello, Connor Waits, Parkes Winder, Josh Worley

Precalculus – 4th place
Josh Brooks, Angelo Culotta, Hagan Dalton, Andrew Ford, Andy Keim, Michael Krzystowczyk, Brian Long, Dominic Maggio, Christopher McElveen, Nicholas Mueller, Ivan Nguyen, Ryan Reese, David Tran, David Yessayan

Algebra 2 – 2nd place
Grant Alumbaugh, Noah Davis, Isaak Dawson, Hunter Doiron, Stephen Gaudin, Sam Gianfala, Patrick Hardin, Drew Harris, Rami Moukarzel, Khoivu Nguyen, Jeremy Sapia, Ivey Smith, Cameron Vicknair

Drew Harris was elected to be the 2016-2017 State Vice President.