01 Apr 2007

Mu Alpha Theta Members Place at State Convention

Catholic High School Mu Alpha Theta members placed at the state convention on March 28-30, 2007 in Baton Rouge.

Those competing and placing in individual competitions wereAndrew Stewart, first place in Algebra II; Steven Spedale, second place in geometry; Andrew Townsend, second place in puzzlements; Andy Hinnenkamp, third place in calculus; Peter Nictakis, third place in Descartes; Kyle Babin, fourth place in advanced math; Scott Causey, fourth place in pre-calculus; Spencer Jurkiewicz, fourth place in puzzlements; Eric Ristroph, fourth place in calculus; David Crochet, fifth place in calculus; John Shamma, sixth place geometry; Nathan Bush, eighth place in geometry; and Will Lee, ninth place in calculus.

Students competing and placing in team competitions were Scott Causey, Chris Sciortino, Michael Thomas and Calvin Turk, second place in pre-calculus math bowl; Will Lee and Eric Ristroph, second place in Gemini; Evan Burgmeier, David Crochet, Stephen Demouy and Andy Hinnenkamp, third place in calculus math bowl; Timmy Borgmeyer, Alex Kleinpeter, Matthew Smith, Andrew Stewart and Andr_ Wiggins, fourth place in Algebra II math bowl; Timmy Borgmeyer, Nathan Bush, Michael Constant, Alex Kleinpeter, Nicholas Magazine, Peter Nictakis, John Shamma, Matthew Smith, Steven Spedale, Andrew Stewart, Frank Turk and Andr_ Wiggins, fourth place in Theta Interschool.