02 Apr 2012

Mu Alpha Theta Places Third in Sweepstakes at State Convention

The CHS Mu Alpha Theta placed Third in Sweepstakes at the State Convention this past weekend.  CHS was elected to the Vice President position for next year. CHS students earned 10 team or individual places with 37 different students earning trophies or ribbons. 

3 íCatholic High School

Scholarship Test
1 í Eric Rohli
8 í Ben Wiseman

Calculus Top Cipherer
1 í Stephen Crosby

Calculus Individual
5 í Kyle Robichaux
6 í Stephen Crosby
9 í Alex Monistere
12 í Hunter Dupreí´
14 í Christopher Miller

Precalculus Individual
1 í Austin Lala
2 í Mark Babin
4 í David Doiron
5 í Tyler Peairs
6 í Kevin Ortego

Algebra 2 Individual
14 í Hunter Rube

Calculus Math Bowl
3 í Stephen Crosby, Hunter Dupreí´, Chris Miller, Alex Monistere

Pre-Calculus Math Bowl
2 í Thomas Culotta, David Doiron, Austin Lala, Tyler Peairs

1 í Derin Acar, Mark Babin, Eric Rohli, Hunter Rube

Algebra 2/Geometry Interschool
1 í Catholic High School

Equations and Inequalities Area Test
4 í Chris Spedale

Advanced Algebra Area Test
4 í Hunter Freeman
6 í Tristyn Bemis
7 í Thomas Barfield
9 í Mike Zielewski
10 í Cole Mancuso

Geometry Area Test
3 í Lewis Poche
5 í Joshua Campbell
12 í Joseph Nolan

Precalculus Area Test
6 í Joseph St. Cyr

Differentials Area Test
2 í Sam Justice
5 í Tyler Daigrepont
6 í Kurt Ristroph
8 í Bradford Lavergne

Mu B Area Test
1 í Ben Wiseman

Functions Area Test
1 í Josh Edwards
2 í Jake Bowers
6 í Chris Aldrich
7 í Kevin Paul

Puzzlements Area Test
8 í Dan Nguyen

Statistics Area Test
1 í Connor Sanford
2 í Jordan Landry

Calculus Descartes
2 í Kyle Robichaux

Precalculus Descartes
4 í Kevin Ortego

Algebra 2 Gemini
4 í Brandon Magazine, Lance Ourso