25 Sep 2011

Mu Alpha Theta Takes First in Math Tournament

Catholic High took first place overall at the 17th Annual St. Paul’s Math Tournament September 24th. 

Individual winners included the following:
Trigonometry: lst – Eric Rohli; 2nd – Hunter Dupre; 3rd – Ethan Beaman; 6th – Tyler Daigrepont
Advanced Math: 2nd – Sam Justice; 4th Kurt Ristroph
Algebra II:  lst – David Doiron; 6th – Quin Mese  
Geometry: 1st –  Hunter Rube; 6th – Chandler Denison
Algebra I: lst – Joshua Campbell; 6th – John Wallace

Team Events winners included the following:
Trigonometry Ciphering: 2nd – Tyler Daigrepont, Hunter Dupre, Blake Gonthier, Eric Rohli; 
    3rd – Chris Aldrich, Ethan Beaman, Corey Brignac and Kyle Robichaux
Advanced Math Ciphering: lst – Sam Justice, Alex Monistere, Kurt Ristroph and Matthew
     Skapura; 3rd – Anthony Domma, Jordan Landry, Chris Miller and Kevin Paul
Algebra II Ciphering: 2nd – Thomas Culotta, David Doiron, Austin Lala and Tyler Peairs
Geometry Ciphering: 2nd – Chandler Denison, Hunter Freeman, Austin Gaudin and Hunter Rube
Algebra 1 Team: 2nd – Josh Campbell, Andrew Chenevert, Lance Ourso and John Wallace
Potpourri Team: 5th – Paul Hoang, Austin Walker and Ben Wiseman
Intershool Test: 4th place