15 Apr 2013

Mu Alpha Theta Team Takes Third Overall at State Convention

The CHS Mu Alpha Theta team competed in the Louisiana Mu Alpha Theta state convention this past weekend, April 11-13 at the Crowne Plaza in Baton Rouge. The team took home many individual awards as well as placing third in overall sweepstakes.

Additionally, two CHS MAO members were elected to hold state positions. Alex Goay was elected to be State Vice President, and Simon Silverberg was elected District IV Lieutenant Governor.

Individual and team award winners were the following:

Math Bowls
1st place – Mark Babin, David Doiron, Alex Goay, Tyler Peairs

2nd place – Hunter Freeman, Peyton Graphia, Sebastian Hanet, Michael Lusco

Algebra 2
3rd place – Joey Balhoff, Josh Campbell, Dan Nguyen, Simon Silverberg

4th place – Thomas Barfield, Jake Campesi, Hunter Rube, Parker Say

Top Cipherer
Precalculus í Hunter Rube
Algebra 2 í Josh Campbell

Individual Tests

1st place – Mark Babin
2nd place í David Doiron
15th place í Alex Goay

1st place í Jake Campesi
2nd place í Thomas Barfield
4th place í Hunter Freeman
5th place í Parker Say
7th place í Sebastian Hanet
13th place í Ben Toups
15th place í Nick Broyles

Algebra 2
Dan Nguyen í 1st place
Joey Balhoff í 2nd place
Joshua Campbell í 7th place
Simon Silverberg í 11th place

3rd place í Tyler Peairs

Area Tests

1st place í Austin Lala

Mu B
3rd place í Hunter Dupr_ 

3rd place í Mark Graham

History of Math
5th place í Mike Zielewski

6th place í Nick Broyles
7th place –  Alex Ford
11th place – Cole Mancuso

7th place í Lawrence Elkins
12th place – Austin Gaudin
7th place í Daniel Heltz

10th place – Alex Watson  

Equations and Inequalities
11th place í Lance Ourso,

Lower Level Interschool í 1st place