25 Jan 2010

National Honor Society Presents Donation for Haiti Relief

The CHS National Honor Society presented CHS Principal Brother Barry Landry, SC with an $800 donation for the Haiti Relief Funds.   The money donated will be divided between the Haiti Relief Fund and the medical fund set up to assist H䋢pital Sacr䋢-Coeur, or Sacred Heart Hospital, in Haiti.

íÍIt feels good that we can donate, even if it is not much.  It will help a lot of people,íñ commented NHS President J.P. Luckett í´10. 

NHS Moderator Willie Stephenson added, íÍwe are very excited that the club stepped up to fill a void that was definitely needed.  It was all of their hard work that paid off.íñ 

As a club, NHS members participate in many activities.  Activities include raising money through candy sales to fund The Marta Hernandez McCarron CHS Student Endowment Fund, collecting money and toys during the Annual Toy Drive and sponsoring a Teacher Appreciation Breakfast.