13 Dec 2010

National Honor Society Raises Money for the Marta Hernandez McCarron CHS Student Endowment Fund

Former NHS Advisor, Marta McCarron, was a longtime Spanish teacher at Catholic High School and lived her life with an unlimited passion to help enhance the lives of those in need.  After the death of a CHS graduate, she and the NHS members became determined to keep his memory alive through starting and completely funding an endowed scholarship in his memory.  They worked very hard to fund this scholarship, and after this scholarship was completely funded, they were on a mission to institute a new endowment to assist students who would not be financially capable of purchasing things like class rings, letter jackets, or to attend conventions that their respective clubs might attend.

Mrs. McCarron, along with her National Honor Society members, proceeded to initiate the CHS Student Endowment Fund.  The only issue that Mrs. McCarron disagreed with was the name of the endowment.  She really wanted to attach a deserving name to the endowment, but the stumbling block to this was coming up with a name of a deserving individual that everyone agreed upon, but they continued to raise money for this fund.

In October 2008, after a battle with cancer, Mrs. McCarron died.  In honor of her passion to help others, members of the National Honor Society agreed that the recently formed endowment would be called the Marta Hernandez McCarron CHS Student Endowment Fund.  It is an appropriate way to honor an extraordinary woman who lived the values that are at the heart of the mission of our school.  Through this endowment, she continues to make a difference in the lives of the young people she treasured.

The National Honor Society at Catholic High School is serious about their commitment to continuing to raise money for this fund.  The goal each year is to raise money to contribute to this fund, which gives support to students at our school with a financial need.  NHS members are dedicated to this cause because they continue to believe in Mrs. McCarroní´s vision of helping those who are less fortunate.  The members each year are informed of the history of the fund and immediately dedicate themselves to the idea.

The NHS officers met with the moderators to discuss options for a fundraiser.  It was agreed that a candy sale might be a big success among the students, and the officers were determined to have the involvement of ALL of our members.  Every member of NHS dedicated 50 minutes of their time to work the candy booth.  The project took off and ran very smoothly. 

In evaluating the fundraising effort, it was very successful.  Success was based on the value of the project, the amount of money raised, and the participation of all of our members.  The project also raised awareness of the fund but more importantly awareness of ways to help those in need. 

NHS raised $1100.00 this year, in addition to the donations NHS has made to the endowment fund for the past several years.