30 Nov 2005

2005 Football Playoff Brackets

Catholic High School will play West Monroe High School Friday, December 2 at West Monroe. Kick off is at 7 p.m. Tickets are available at the Catholic High Bookstore until 12 noon on Friday, December 2.

Click here for the 2005 Football Playoff Bracket

Directions to West Monroe High School through Natchez
From Baton Rouge take 61 N to Natchez. From Natchez take 15 to Rayville. From Rayville take I-20 West toward Monroe/Shreveport.
After crossing the Ouachita River you will be in West Monroe. Take the Mill Street Exit (Exit #115). Go to the first red light and turn left onto North 7th Street. Go to Travis Street and turn right at WMHS football stadium. After passing the stadium, turn left onto the campus. The gymnasium will be in front of you.

Directions to West Monroe High School through Alexandria
Take Highway 165 North at Alexandria.
Where 165 North intersects with I-20, Take I-20 West toward Shreveport.
From I-20 West, take the Mill Street Exit (Exit #115). At the first red light, turn left. (Mill Street/North 7th)
Come down North 7th and turn right on Travis.