10 Nov 2008

Catholic High To Dedicate Guidance Office to Sr. Katie Brogdon, C.S.J.

Catholic High School will dedicate its newly renovated guidance office to Sr. Katie Brogdon at a school liturgy on November 21. This dedication will perpetuate in the school’s tradition and culture the values exemplified by Sr. Katie in her work with students.

Sr. Katie served as CHS Guidance Counselor from 1974-1997. Her boundless enthusiasm, personal courage and generous service inspired students and faculty. She is a reminder of the power of faith and the potential for good.

Sr. Katie was inducted into the Catholic High School Hall of Fame on December 12, 1996. In his President’s Address,, Brother Francis referred to many alumni who gave witness to Sr. Katie’s extraordinary ministry in guidance.

One alumnus wrote, ‘ The single most important thing Sr. Katie ever taught me was a knowledge of myself’..She carried me when I couldn’t walk, pushed me when I thought I couldn’t, and smiled and waved good-bye when I could’.’

Another alumnus shared this statement: ‘ I spent many hours in her office drinking her ‘secret tea’, talking, laughing and crying’.Her love, guidance and discipline were a source of strength, encouragement and inspiration to all of us.’

In January 1998, Sr. Katie died after a battle with cancer. She is remembered for her courage, peacefulness, deep faith, gentleness, compassion, encouragement and joy of living.

Catholic High will honor Sr. Katie once again by dedicating its guidance office to her at a liturgy on November 21 at 9:50 a.m. in the school gymnasium. Parents, alumni and friends are invited to attend.