03 Dec 2012

CHS Coach Dale Weiner Named District Coach of the Year

Catholic High School Head Football Coach Dale Weiner was named the District 5-5A football Coach of the Year for the 2012 season. Coach Weiner, who coached the 2012 team to a 9-3 season and state quarterfinal berth, has been working with the football team at CHS for 26 years.

CHS senior football players find Coach Weiner deserving of the award for many reasons from his coaching technique to the example he sets for the players as their coach.

“Coach Weiner makes sure I care and play hard,íñ said Khalil Thomas, senior running back and District MVP.  íÍHe changed my mindset on everything – under his instruction, I make sure I finish each play, no matter what happens.íñ

íÍCoach Weiner does a great job of making the team brotherhood important. He also brings in the religious aspect as football coach,íñ said Andrew Fournet, senior defensive back.

íÍCoach Weiner is definitely like a father to the entire football team. He is passionate about what we are doing and truly cares about every player on the team,íñ said Tyler Sparrow, senior offensive guard. íÍIn our toughest moments, he is able to make light of the situation and make sure we know that nothing is too big for our team. Under coach, we play for each other and we play for God. He is the greatest coach I have ever played for.íñ

“Coach Weiner coached my brother before me, and I know that Coach is one of those guys to look up to more than just as a coach, but as a person,íñ commented Patrick VanDuzee, senior linebacker and captain this year. íÍHe has pushed me to do the best I can in more than just football, in everyday life.íñ