30 Sep 2016

CHS Habitat for Humanity Build: Student Information

CHS Habitat Build – Student Information
October 22 & 23
October 29 & 30
November 11, 12 &13

Address of the Build
3329 Convention Street
Our partner/home owner for the build is Latrenda Perkins. She has worked in the Early Childhood Center as a child care provider at St. Aloysius for the last 23 years.  She is so excited that some of the students she cared for way back when will now be helping her build her own home.  Even if they donÕt really remember her, she said it is really special that she put so much love and time into some of them when they were little, and now they will be giving the same back to she and her children, and more.
CHS Students
Students must bring the signed waiver sheet below to the Main Office and then put their name on the list for the shift they are working. Please note that if you sign up, you are obligated to work. We are counting on your presence for that shift!
Students must be 16 or older to participate in the build. Breakfast/lunch/snacks/water are provided during the shifts.

Registration and Volunteer Waiver
Volunteer and Safety Information