31 May 2015

CHS Hall of Fame Nominations Due by June 15, 2015

Catholic High School is seeking nominations for membership in the CHS Hall of Fame.  The CHS Hall of Fame honors any person, living or deceased, whose life and accomplishments can be an inspiration to the students of Catholic High.  The nominee must exemplify the principles of the Gospel, provide service to the community and have significant individual accomplishments.  The induction ceremony is held during the annual Founders Banquet sponsored by the Office of Advancement each December.

All alumni of Catholic High School or any person associated with CHS at least five years prior to nomination are eligible for selection to the CHS Hall of Fame.

Click here to download a nomination form. Letters of nomination and copies of r_sum_s or other biographical materials are due by June 15 to:

CHS Hall of Fame Selection Committee
Catholic High School
P.O. Box 65004
Baton Rouge, LA 70896.

The following are alumni and friends of CHS previously inducted as members of the CHS Hall of Fame.  Mr. Marvin V. Ourso í´42 is the most recent inductee:
Mr. Michael J. Acaldo ’85
Mr. Frederick J. Bahlinger, Sr. ’14 +
Mr. J. Andrew Bahlinger, Jr. ’12 +
Mr. John A. Bani ’38 +
Brother Peter Basso, SC +
Brother Donnan Berry, SC +
Mrs. Catherine G. Boeker +
Mr. Frank M. Bologna ’45 +
Mr. Anthony Bonfanti +
Mrs. Carol G. Bonnecaze
Mr. John Pierre “Pete” Boudreaux, Sr. ’59
Mrs. Vera Boudreaux +
Dr. Gregory A. Brandao ’73
Sr. Katie Brogdon, C.S.J. +
Mr. D. F. “Pete” Burge +
Mr. L. C. “Pop” Burks +
Mr. Roe F. Cangelosi ’22 +
Mr. Danny A. Carroll ’68 +
Brother Cosmas Cazayoux ’45 +
Brother Carol Chassaignac, SC +
Mr. Donald J. Cook ’66 +
Brother Gerald Coridan, SC +
Brother Eldon Crifasi, SC ’39
Mr. L. J. Dantin
Brother Francis David, SC
Brother Remigius David, SC +
Mr. Norman A. Deumite
Mr. and Mrs. Landreaux F. Donaldson +
Mr. Steve Fourrier ’61
Dr. Daniel J. Fourrier ’28 +
Brother Felician Fourrier, SC ’31 +
Brother Benedict Gaudin, SC +
Mr. Fred R. Griggs +
Mr. Daniel P. Guillory +
Dr. James J. Hannie ’52
Mrs. Chris P. Hansen, Sr. +
Dean Paul M. Hebert ’24 +
Mr. Stanley L. Heine, Jr. ’44 +
Brother Felix Hoffmann, SC +
Mr. D. Jensen Holliday ’58 +
Mr. J. Gerard Jolly ’70
Mr. Francis C. Jumonville Jr. íî73
Mr. George A. Kadair ’38 +
Mr. Max Kaufman +
Mr. Patrick B. Kennedy, Sr. ’52 +
Mr. and Mrs. Leon R. Kleinpeter, Sr. +
Mr. J. Michael Lamana ’64
Mrs. J. R. “Mama” Langlois +
Sister Dorothy Lanusse, CSJ +
Judge Fred S. LeBlanc ’16 +
Brother Ivy J. LeBlanc, SC ’63
Mrs. J. P. Madden +
Mr. Gerald H. Marchand í´49 +
Mrs. Linda K. Marchand
Dr. Colin A. McHardy +
Mr. D. C. McLaughlin, Jr. ’33 +
Mrs. Paula O. Melancon
Mr. P. J. Mills, Jr. ’51
Mr. Frank A. Morvant +
Father Trey Nelson ’80
Bishop Stanley J. Ott, STD +
Mr. J. Clifford Ourso, Sr. ’26 +
Mr. Marvin V. Ourso í´42
Mr. Anthony J. Politz, Jr.
Judge Frank J. Polozola ’59 +
Mr. Gordon A. Pugh, Sr. ’54 +
Mr. George H. Reymond ’14 +
Mrs. Anna Mae Ribes +
Mrs. Carrie Saia +
Mr. Joseph W. Starring, Jr. ’48
Mr. Ralph J. Stephens ’73
Mrs. C. Bert Tessier +
Mr. Charest D. Thibaut, Jr. +
Mr. Roland M. Toups
Brother Gordian Udinsky, SC +
Reverend Frank M. Uter ’61
Mr. Charles L. Valluzzo
Mrs. Rose Wagner +
Brother Xavier Werneth, SC
Mr. Lee R. Whatley +
Mr. Milton J. Womack, Sr. +

+ indicates deceased